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Records and Re-election: An Interview with Gov. John Bel Edwards

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards is up for re-election this year. The conservative Democrat is one of six candidates for Governor on the ballot – along with Republican challengers Ralph Abraham, who is currently the U.S. Representative for Louisiana’s 5th congressional district, and Baton Rouge businessman Eddie Rispone. Edwards – the only Democratic governor in […]

Gordon Plaza Exhibit Opens at Newcomb Art Museum

Thursday, September 5—The Newcomb Museum hosted an opening reception for two new exhibits focusing on Environmental racism. One exhibit, by artist and activist LaToya Ruby Frazier, focused on the ongoing Flint water crisis (“Flint is Family”). However, the other focused on an issue here in New Orleans: Gordon Plaza. The exhibit is called “The American […]

The Cult of Morgus

It’s been several years since I first heard of a particularly interesting episode of Morgus the Magnificent. In this outing, the good Doctor and his quiet assistant Chopsley are seated at The Prytania Theater, enjoying their movie The Wacky World of Doctor Morgus. They spend the runtime commenting on the escapades, which include quite the finale […]

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GUT-CHECK: Saints Overcome Overwhelming Adversity & Slay Seahawks 33-27

Playing in their first game without starting QB Drew Brees the Saints overcame adversity and beat the heavily-favored NFC rival Seahawks 33-27.

Colt Suspends AR-15 Production; Remains Tone Deaf Citing Excess Manufacturing Supply, Crowded Competition

After several years of mass murders soaring in the United States, on Thursday, gun manufacturer Colt announced the suspension of AR-15s for civilian use. However, the company’s CEO denied this action has to do with increased violence carried out by these weapons, but instead cited excess manufacturing capacity and crowded competition as the reason for […]

Editorial Board Endorsement: John Bel Edwards is the Best Choice for Further Progress

In such a deeply divisive partisan political era, Governor John Bel Edwards deserves a lot of credit for working across the isle to achieve considerable progress over the last four years. While we understand the concerns from progressives about some troublesome bills signed into law, we also believe that it’s important to not allow a […]

The Raso Report: “Joe Biden Arrested Outside Area 51; Fails to Do Proper Naruto Run”

In strange news today, Joseph Biden was arrested outside Area 51 wearing a Naruto Ninja Headband, and a T-shirt that read “Clap Alien Cheeks” with a picture of a black-eyed, green-skinned alien. Asked why he was there, Biden explained that, “The best way to get out the youth vote is to go where the youth are, […]

Progressive Living

Progressive’s Weekend Sept. 20-22: Our Picks

Progressive’s Weekend: Tattoos Downriver with “The Squad”

Labor Day, Southern Decadence, and More – Our Weekend Picks

The Progressive’s Lifestyle: Cowbell Rejects Hate

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Original Art

Gordon Plaza Exhibit Opens at Newcomb Art Museum

In The Photographer’s Eye: An Interview with Thomas Cole

New Portrait of Louis Armstrong Appears in Central Business District

Remembering Toni Morrison: My first time reading The Bluest Eye

A Lovely Sunday For Poetry

Erica Spindler: New Orleans Crime Writer and Mistress of Intrigue

September 2019 Edition

The Noize, The Fury: The Paranoize Zine and NOLA’s Underground Music Scene

Paranoize, run by Bobby Bergeron, features interviews and reviews of our underground scene in New Orleans.

Wayne Stewart, Casualty Of The System

Wayne Stewart was a lifetime resident of The Greater New Orleans area, born and raised in the 9th Ward. Like many others, he attended and graduated from Holy Cross High School thanks to the efforts and sacrifices of his parents. And also like many others, Stewart indulged in many excesses, including drugs. After hearing the […]

Amnesty International Fighting For-Profit Immigrant Detention in Louisiana

If you see yellow-vested workers walking around your neighborhood knocking on doors, don’t call the police. That’s not a scammer or someone attempting a home invasion – those are Amnesty International volunteers fighting against the growing immigrant detention happening right here in Louisiana. When I think of Amnesty International, I tend to picture people working […]

Sex in the Big Easy: Take My Breath Away – a Guide to Understanding Erotic Asphyxiation

Breathplay is the withholding of oxygen to achieve an effect. For some people this effect is orgasmic.

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