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Orleans DA Candidate Keva Landrum Has History of Ethical Misconduct

On November 3, 2020 New Orleans will vote to elect a new District Attorney. For twelve years, District Attorney Leon Cannizarro took our city backwards, criminalizing our most poor, locking up minor offenders for months, and abusing victims of crime. It is crucial now to elect a district attorney who will move us forward out […]

New Orleans DA Candidates: What You Need to Know

Throughout the race for Orleans Parish District Attorney, three of the four candidates have done their best to convince voters that criminal justice reform is at the forefront of their agenda. All have made it a point to distance themselves from the current DA, Leon Cannizzaro. But who are the candidates, and what are their […]

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Water on the Moon: What NASA’s Announcement Means

On Monday, October 26, NASA announced that earth’s moon has a lot more water than scientists once previously thought. For the first time, scientists have found water molecules across the sunlit regions of the moon’s surface. How was the water discovered? NASA scientists made the discovery using SOFIA – the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy. […]

Gov. Edwards Takes Action in Court to Defend Life-Saving COVID-19 Mitigation Measures

October 26, 2020 Gov. John Bel Edwards filed a lawsuit in state court today defending his COVID-19 public health emergency proclamation, which has been challenged by a group of members of the House of Representatives just as new COVID-19 cases reach a third spike in other areas of the country. Already, 5,648 Louisianans have died […]

A Guide to Reducing Your Carbon Footprint at Home and Beyond

Although it is easy to see what governments and your local city could be doing to suppress global warming, it is also important to take responsibility for your own carbon footprint and the energy that you use daily. If you want to protect your local natural environment, and that of the whole world, here are […]

Road Trip Destinations Near New Orleans

Living in the USA, you have some of the best opportunities for road trips anywhere in the world. The wide American highways at your disposal can usher you from coast to coast like nowhere else, but it’s a shame that few people see New Orleans as a road trip destination. The areas surrounding New Orleans […]


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