Born to Run: Pelicans Fly Higher Than Rockets in Season Opener

After going winless in the preseason, the Pelicans opened the season with a blazing 131-112 victory over Southwest Division opponent the Houston Rockets, a team that finished last season one win shy of defeating the Golden State Warriors for a trip to the NBA finals.

Short Term Rentals Aren’t the Economic Boon They Claim

When it comes to short term rentals in New Orleans, don’t believe everything you hear – or read. Several economists have come forward to denounce an often-cited study from the Hospitality Research Center on the positive impacts of short term rentals on the city’s economy.

The Era of the Independent Bike Shop is Nearing its Final Curtain

After nearly 6 years in business, Cassady Cooper announced that he will close A Bicycle Named Desire in November 2018.

Saints’ Backfield One-Two Punch to Drive Team Forward

Mark Ingram showed few signs of rust in the New Orleans Saints’ 43-19 win over the Washington Redskins in week five. The 2009 Heisman Trophy winner returned from a four-game suspension and promptly reasserted himself in head coach Sean Payton’s offense. Ingram scampered for 53 yards on 16 carries while finding the end zone twice. […]

After postseason success, Pelicans look to keep pushing

The Golden State Warriors shocked the world when they added to their basketball monopoly this offseason by signing All-Star Center DeMarcus Cousins to a one-year $5.3 million dollar deal, despite having a $40 million two-year deal previously on the table from the New Orleans Pelicans. The West is wild. Shortly after, the world would come […]

Crescent Calling

Because there was fracture and friction, I sang. Caught in a prism of pastel pains, punctured through and through with dull threaded needles of dread and suffering, a product of the nimble fingers of sinners seeking absolution, a patchwork child. I remember the soft, gentle ache of a sad thing, the warm shadows of mourning […]

Left to Weather

I wonder if you think of me if you see my face at all I wonder if I’m on your thoughts a flash of color at night I wonder if you hear my name, do you think of my laugh? I wonder if you’ll miss me soon if you’ll wonder where I am I want […]

It’s Time to End 120 Years of Injustice

Louisiana is one of two states that allows non-unanimous jury convictions, and the Big Easy editorial board believes it is time to end this practice.

Music Review: The Abitals

The Abitals are billed as having “That Beatles sound with a Southeast Louisiana twist,” but do they live up to the hype?

A Self-Guided Tour of the Tchoupitoulas Breweries

What better way to celebrate fall than to take yourself and your friends on a self-guided tour of the Tchoupitoulas brewery lineup?

The Progressive’s Weekend: 10/12 – 10/14

Wooden Boat Fesitval, Walk for the UNCF, and more events on both sides of the river and both sides of the lake.

The Unconscious Bias Women Have Against Women

Women and girls are conditioned to act and think a certain way, and this leads to an unconscious bias against other women.

Broken Pipe Causes More Problems for Local Residents

An apparent burst pipe disrupted the 500 block of Washington Street on the afternoon of October 10.

‘Lectric Water Fish

Ztu Taylor shares an original short story as part of Big Easy’s literary Wednesdays.

Drew Brees’ Greatest Accomplishment is His Love for NOLA

Dree Brees may have become the NFL’s all-time leader in passing yards, but it is connection to New Orleans that stands out.

Unrequited Love Prayer

It often seems in life, Beauty is terribly outweighed by pain. Love is only met with strife, And getting up each day is a strain. It seems like people are shit, And God and Hope are lies. Like trust is a joke, And our only purpose is to die. But every once in a while […]

Oh What a Night: As Brees Breaks Record, Saints Rise to Top of NFC Playoff Race

Just when most “Who Dat” fans thought that they’d probably seen everything that’s transpired in the 52-year history of the New Orleans Saints, last night was a moment for them that only comes along perhaps once in a lifetime. For the announced crowd of 73,028 fans at the Mercedes Benz Superdome plus the millions of […]

Belden Batiste: Dreaming Big and Often

Belden Batiste is running against incumbent Cedric Richmond in Louisiana’s 2nd congressional district, and he took time out from campaigning to sit down with Big Easy Magazine.

Beer on the Bayou: New Orleans Does Oktoberfest

It was twilight on Bayou St John, but the lights were on at Deutsches Haus’ new location on Moss Street, and the festival was in full swing. The smell of sizzling, fatty wurst filled the air with a smoky scent, and the light from the lampposts and ATMs floated through the air filled with the […]

The Progressive’s Weekend: 10/5 – 10/7

Past policies, beyond bickering and right at the doorstep of our inner child, this is The Progressive’s Weekend! Almost everyone has had their eyes glued to C-SPAN and news channels following the conclusion and potential confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh. Buried beneath it all, including new-ish revelations of President Trump’s questionable tax history, has been this […]

Bogalusa Blues & Heritage Fest: A Musical Treat

The Bogalusa Blues & Heritage Festival is one of the most well-known music festivals of the Gulf Coast. In the past five years, the festival has quickly grown in both size and reputation. Their website proudly proclaims, “What New Orleans is to jazz, Bogalusa is to the blues.” Bogalusa Blues Fest Day One The highlight […]

New Orleans Saints vs. Washington Redskins (Monday Night Football): 5 Bold Predictions

The New Orleans Saints will be seeking a fourth straight win this coming Monday Night when they host their visiting long-time NFC rivals the Washington Redskins at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in a nationally-televised contest on ESPN Monday Night Football. Kickoff is at 7:15 p.m. Central time, and the game will be televised locally in the […]

Lynda Woolard: Proud Louisiana Democrat and Leader

Lynda Woolard. A familiar name among Louisiana Democrats. Lynda worked with the 2008 Obama presidential campaign and the Obama administration, and she has also spent time within the Louisiana Democratic Party and the Transition Team for Gov. John Bel Edwards. In her interview with Big Easy Magazine, Lynda presents the case for why the Democratic […]

Tangible Voids

For even one moment the birds stopped cackling The bugs went to sleep The dogs all sat and listened The silence of an empty mind The echo of a soul gone sad It passed through windswept streets snow blown against warm panes People in chairs and couches huddled close to crackling fires The void of […]

The Fog

Come autumn and the edges of things would coarsen and go brittle thin with the cold. The downy milkweeds and fleshy mosses took on a lustrous, metallic sheen, and the tips of our eyelashes would snap and blanket our pillows like brown evergreen needles on snow. Blackened branches scratched silently across bright, chalky skies. Ours […]

It’s Still Pretty Early, But Saints Will Likely Have a Different Road in the Playoffs This Year

The 2018 NFL Season is a quarter of the way over thus far for the New Orleans Saints, and although it’s still too early to predict who will make the Playoffs at the moment; it appears that the Black and Gold might end up facing some different teams this year than they did last year, […]

Kavanaugh Challenges The #MeToo Movement

The #MeToo movement has overcome a lot of challenges – the biggest of which was getting started to begin with. As more and more women have come forward to tell their stories, and as men like Bill Cosby have been held accountable for their pasts, it feels like change is finally in the air. Enter […]

Neaux Reel Idea: ALL ABOUT NINA Review

Mary Elizabeth Winstead is no stranger to performing as  a survivor on film. A while back, she portrayed an alcoholic in Smash, a kidnappee in the midst of a global incident in 10 Cloverfield Lane, and the object of many a toxic relationship in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. She exudes an empathetic brokenness amid […]

New Orleans Saints Continually Leave Their Indelible Imprint on NOLA’s Culture and Community

The cultural impact of the New Orleans Saints NFL franchise transcends racial divides and illustrates the relationship between modern-day professional sports and the American city, unlike that of any other in the United States. How do I know this? That’s because besides being a sports writer, I’m also a 51-year-old New Orleans native; so essentially, […]

A Mother’s Cry – A Personal Look at Murder in New Orleans

“I went to bed with five kids and woke up with four.  That unexpected death hurts like hell.  It’s a knot in your stomach and you want to throw up and can’t.  You are out of space.  You are not even here. You are walking but floating.  You hear people but you don’t.  You are […]

And Not a Drop to Drink

We all know people who refuse to drink the tap water in New Orleans. Are they right? “I want to see where it ends,” said a friend from Minnesota, a curious excitement in her blue eyes. We were walking towards Crescent Park so that she could see the end of the 2,320 mile-long  Mississippi River. Missisipi […]

Muck Everlasting: The Trials and Pain of Gordon Plaza

  “I want a dyke for president. I want a person with aids for president and I want a fag for vice president and I want someone with no health insurance and I want someone who grew up in a place where the earth is so saturated with toxic waste that they didn’t have a […]

It’s Not Easy Being Green, Part II

A Deeper Dumpster Dive Last month, while looking into waste and recycling in New Orleans, multiple friends and bedfellows alike told me the same thing – the city trashes its recycling. They each claimed, with high degrees of certainty, that they had seen city garbage trucks picking up residents’ recycling bins and throwing them into […]

Party Buses in Peril

Another day, another ordinance. It seems the laissez-faire attitude New Orleanians love to boast about is slowly chipped away daily, mainly by residents (new and old) who complain about one thing or another. The music is too loud. The parade grounds are too crowded. The bike lanes are a menace. The bar is too close […]

The Heart of Business: Femininity

Women in the entertainment business are often dismissed as working on passion-filled projects instead of getting the same career validation as their male counterparts. The thing is, it takes passion for business to happen because motivation drives action. Especially when access to money is considered. The issues affecting sexism in the music industry are so […]

Marijuana Reform and Social Justice

The state of Louisiana has more for-profit prisons than any other state, which unsurprisingly brings one out of every 86 adults behind bars. Yes, medical marijuana policy is inciting positive change, but this change must move more quickly.  People’s lives are at stake, specifically those in marginalized groups who already face oppression!   Louisiana incarceration […]

New Orleans LGBT+ History Comes Out of the Closet

New Orleans is a city of paradoxes. One of the strangest has to do with LGBT+ history. In a city in love with its history, a city which inspires books on the most obscure historical topics on a monthly basis, much of the city’s LGBT+ history remains in the closet. Which is odd, given how […]

The Neutral Ground: Alive, Kicking, Awesome

I pull up to The Neutral Ground Coffee House as I, and many loyal patrons from New Orleans (and from all around), have many times before.  I come to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, a pot of tea, or perhaps one of their transcendent deserts. I come to watch music, play music, study, and […]

Progressive Activist Groups in NOLA

  I’m at a meeting in the middle of Tulane’s campus, where I collapse (a doctor tells me it’s dehydration, but I’ll just assume it’s the power of the Lord), while a presentation rages on about, what else, Brett Kavanaugh, who has now become way more a part of my job than I would like. […]

Malcolm Phillips: Portrait of a Songwriter

Outside of the Maple Leaf Bar, my boyfriend and I, along with a close friend, await the arrival of Malcolm Phillips, a very self-definitive and incredibly unique singer, songwriter, and guitarist. Though the bar is closed, we have chosen it as a known spot at which to meet with this talented gentleman. He arrives, guitar […]

IFPS Conference 2018 – Immigration: Balancing Compassion, Security, and Jobs

I recently attended a program, “Institute for Faith and the Public Square” (IFPS) at the New Orleans Theological Baptist Seminary, Leavell Chapel. IFPS is known for tackling many current theological, legal, and philosophical topics with programs on race, sexuality, et al. The event I attended IFPS Conference 2018 – Immigration: Balancing Compassion, Security, and Jobs. […]

Environmental Injustice

Injustice. The word holds weight. People will ban together and stomp out clear-cut injustice – but what about when it is hazy? The slow leaching of pollutants into the air and water offers such a hazy, smoggy, situation, as the effects are insidious and can take decades to fully manifest. Environmental hazards seem to be […]

Southern (Not Quite Fried) Hollywood

Back in the good old days of the #TeamNOLAFilm podcast, where I hosted four episodes of conversation amongst the best and brightest of our local film industry, Hollywood South was just beginning to make its name. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, filmmakers from California and beyond came down south, accepting our generous tax credits, […]

Lionel Milton: Artist, Renaissance Man

I am waiting outside of DTB, restaurant and bar on Oak St. I am certain the man crossing the street with confidence and charisma is Lionel Milton, the fantastic artist I am here to meet with. I am correct! I greet him and we take a booth inside. Talking to Lionel, I learn he has […]

Taja’ Mitchem, Beautiful Photographs By A Beautiful Woman

Though I only had the pleasure of meeting Taja’ Mitchem briefly over a cup of tea at Rue De La Course, it was certainly an honor and a privilege. This delightfully sweet, incredibly talented young woman is already someone whose work should be seen by all. She is soft-spoken, but her pictures speak volumes. Margaret: […]

Mission Accomplished: Saints Start Season (3-1) and Get Ingram Back for the Playoff Chase

By Barry Hirstius – Contributing Writer Coming into the 2018 NFL Regular Season, the New Orleans Saints had one major goal in mind: which was to get off to a “good start” during the early part their schedule, while missing the services of #1 RB Mark Ingram; who was suspended by the League for the […]

Saints Need Giant Win in New York Today to Keep Pace with Undefeated “Powerhouse” Rams

By Barry Hirstius – Contributing Writer   While there may be a lot of similarities from one year to the next, the events of each particular NFL season usually have their own distinctive results and subsequent storylines. For the New Orleans Saints so far just 3 games into their 2018 season, there have been some […]

The Progressive’s Lifestyle in New Orleans: Supporting Local Theatre Companies

There is so much going on in NOLA on any given day, let alone weekend, that it can seem nearly impossible to decide what to do with one’s time. This is the eighteenth edition of a weekly series (formerly titled “things to do“) in which we here at Big Easy Magazine give suggestions on meaningful ways […]

The Progressive’s Weekend: 9/28 – 9/30

Past policies, beyond bickering and right at the doorstep of our inner child, this is The Progressive’s Weekend! Ugh. That’s my honest to goodness reaction to this Kavanaugh business. My right eye has been twitching in the recent hours since his fiery testimony, and it still bothers me – the eye and the potential supreme […]

New Orleans Saints at New York Giants: 5 Bold Predictions

By Barry Hirstius – Contributing Writer The New Orleans Saints will be seeking their 3rd consecutive win of the 2018 Regular Season this coming Sunday when they travel to metropolitan New York City to face the NFC East Divisional foe New York Giants at MetLife Stadium in suburban East Rutherford, New Jersey. Kickoff is at […]