Care About Black Lives? Prove it Through Voting No on Amendment 1

Remember the Black Lives Matter movement? How there were marches, protests, heaps of donations to bail funds. How you changed your Facebook profile photo so it had a nifty little Black Lives Matter banner at the bottom? How you promised that you totally aren’t a racist and are dedicated to the movement? Now’s the time […]

Studies Show Neighborhood Investment Doesn’t Reduce Place-Based Inequality

In their study, Placing Prosperity, The Data Center explores how neighborhood inequality is based in generations of history, and how neighborhood investment moves, but doesn’t necessarily reduce place-based inequality.

Is Rum the Next Big Thing After Bourbon?

While bourbon fanatics go to extremes trying to score a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle or drive for miles to complete their array of the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection, a quiet surge in rum as an alternate spirit of interest is underway. As such, some collectors and admirers of fine spirits are beginning to ask, […]

List of Degrees that are Helpful when Becoming a Successful Business Person

An unusual approach is to believe that your entrepreneurial success does not depend on your educational degrees. You may get inspired by some of the most outstanding leaders in the industry who are college dropouts. However, not everybody owns a similar precise recipe of intelligence, creativity, and luck.  We always talk about the unique and […]

AIR SCARE: Saints Playoff Chances Depend on Fixing Their Pass Coverage Issues

If the current 2020 NFL Season actually ended this morning, the New Orleans Saints would not make or qualify for the NFL Playoffs, thanks mostly in part to the team’s notable and well-publicized struggles in defensive pass coverage during their first 5 games. As of this morning, the Black and Gold has the 27th ranked […]

Big Easy Magazine Endorses Arthur Hunter for NOLA District Attorney

Arthur Hunter represents a real change for the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s office. In his twenty-three years as a judge in Criminal District Court, Hunter has gained the reputation of a fair and courageous judge. While on the bench, Judge Hunter proactively advocated for equal funding for public defenders and expanded programs for criminal defendants. […]

Lake Charles Evacuees Evicted and Forced Back to Lake Charles 

Lake Charles evacuees in New Orleans hotels are being sent text messages that they have to leave their hotels in the next few days. Those with transportation are being told that they have to drive to Lake Charles to verify whether or not their residences are habitable, call 911 if they aren’t habitable, then wait […]

Could Melania Trump Actually Be A Russian Spy?

There have been conspiracy theories before that Melania Trump is a Russian agent. Business Insider called the theories “shaky” but failed to debunk the idea thoroughly. I have zero documented evidence to show that she is, but what I will be presenting here is speculation – based on uncovered Russian intelligence operations that have been […]

Activities To Ease Your Mind During COVID-19

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced people into greater isolation than normal. While these measures are necessary to promote public health, they can also eat away at your mental health. With fewer chances to meet with others and no clear distinction between work and off-hours, many are experiencing heightened levels of stress. Fortunately, you aren’t completely […]

Effortless Ways to Reduce Waste at Home

With an influx of people working from home and staying in, you may have noticed a similar rise in waste production. Newly formed habits, such as online shopping or eating more takeout, can contribute to this increase. If you want to practice more eco-friendly behaviors, explore a variety of ways to reduce waste at home. […]

Everyday Things You Didn’t Know Were Toxic

When you think of poisonous substances, you probably think of chemicals and materials with which you have very limited contact. However, dangerous toxins can appear in many things, including some foods. Certain foods only have trace amounts, but others could have higher levels. Learn here as we discuss some of the everyday things you didn’t […]

Big Easy’s Guide and Recommendations on Amendments

New Orleans DA Candidates: What You Need to Know

Throughout the race for Orleans Parish District Attorney, three of the four candidates have done their best to convince voters that criminal justice reform is at the forefront of their agenda. All have made it a point to distance themselves from the current DA, Leon Cannizzaro. But who are the candidates, and what are their […]

What Does Amendment 5 Mean? How to Vote on This Corporate Welfare Amendment

Amendment 5’s wording on your ballot is purposefully confusing. It states, “Do you support an amendment to authorize local governments to enter into cooperative endeavor ad valorem tax exemption agreements with new or expanding manufacturing establishments for payments in lieu of taxes?” Not sure what that means? Then the amendment’s creators can give themselves a pat on […]

4 Types of Flow Meters That You Should Buy if You Need One Today

Being confused and overwhelmed are perfectly normal when it comes to choosing flowmeters. From magnetic to Coriolis, to variable-area, the options are just innumerable. Yet one should understand that these meters have differences in terms of accuracy, functionality, and most importantly, price. One excellent choice is to use multi-use ultrasonic sensors that measure flow through […]

How to Write a Perfect College Academic Paper

Securing a college admission is not a mean feat. It is something that most people look forward to. Therefore, you should not take college years lightly. The seriousness that you put in your work in college determines if you succeed or not. As soon as you get to college, it is crucial to adjust to […]

Senator Bill Cassidy’s Pro-Life Values in Conflict with Trump-Endorsed Antiviral Treatment

Ethical inconsistencies among conservative representatives have emerged recently after President Trump received an antiviral cocktail developed by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, which utilized immortalized cell lines from human embryonic kidney cells (HEK293T) in its research. What are HEK293T cells? In 1972, scientists in The Netherlands used kidney tissue from an electively aborted fetus to grow cells that, […]

Top 7 Books For Real Estate Agents

When most real estate agents enter into the industry, the last thing they think about is adding communication skills, business skills, and knowledge of psychology to their list of essential expertise.  But, over time, you come to realize that what sets successful and prestigious agencies like Malta Sothebys Realty apart is the fact that their […]

Will the New Orleans Saints be Blessed this Year?

Progress is the keyword for the New Orleans Saints in 2020, and there’s even talk of the team being a genuine Super Bowl contender, given they’re expected to be the dominant outfit of the NFC South again. However, despite confidence of another strong regular season that will take them to the playoffs, the Saints will […]

How to Write a Good Movie Review    

Film reviews are something that we encounter not only in everyday life after watching an interesting thriller or melodrama, but also something that is often required of us at universities. It would seem that writing a review of a film is easy, but you can face some difficulties when you know that your review will […]

How to Pick the Right Mattress For a Child

It’s a pretty big step; getting your child a new bed. Those buzzing little brains need the best sleep they can get. Plus, you work hard for your money so you deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your little one is sleeping on cloud nine. After all, nobody needs more sleep […]

West Nile Mosquitoes Discovered in Orleans Parish

The New Orleans Mosquito, Termite, and Rodent Control Board (NOMTRCB) reported on Tuesday that mosquitoes carrying West Nile Virus (WNV) have been collected from the East Bank of Orleans Parish.

3 Simple Lifestyle Changes To Help You Save Money

It’s easy to think of ways to save money, but actually taking those steps requires a little more effort. Fortunately, not every change has to be massive. The best way to save money is to first take small steps. These easy adjustments can help you become more aware of your spending habits while introducing you […]

How Digital Display Advertising Is Changing The Way We Market Businesses

Aside from product or service quality, marketing is among the crucial factors affecting success in business. Fortunately for modern entrepreneurs, there’s now a wealth of innovative marketing techniques available, aside from the traditional ones. Specifically, the rise of digital display advertising has opened countless opportunities for business owners, regardless of their industry and type of […]

The Importance of First Aid Training in the Workplace

Employee safety should be a priority for all businesses no matter the field, yet too many businesses tend to neglect it because they don’t feel like it’s a priority. However, you don’t necessarily have to be running a high-risk operation to benefit from it. A lot of owners and administrators may not realise how many […]

The Best Parking Apps That Save You Time and Money

If you’ve ever driven in the city, to a crowded event, or through a densely populated shopping center, you know the struggle of searching for parking. Luckily, parking apps are here to save the day for drivers who don’t have the time to circle the lot over and over or the money to pay the […]

Louisiana ACLU Offers Guide for Transgender Voters

In Louisiana, voter ID laws could stop as much as 58 percent of Louisiana’s transgender population could have difficulties voting.

An Overview of Every Criminal Judicial Race for November

You know Joe Biden is running; you may like Antoine Pierce or Adrian Perkins for Senate; and you’ll probably vote for Cedric Richmond for Representative (because who else is there?). But who are all of these judges? This piece will address this question, with several key factors in mind. First, this piece is a first-blush […]

NO QUIT: Saints Beat Chargers for 2nd Straight Comeback Despite Shaky Secondary

After their heart-stopping 30-27 overtime win over the Los Angeles Chargers last night in what was a 2nd straight comeback win in back-to-back weeks after falling behind by double digit points; it’s become evident that the New Orleans Saints are a team that has “no quit” in them and won’t ever give up. NO. QUIT. […]

Key Issues for a Highly Coveted Demographic this Election: The Latino Community

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden recently made a comment about Latinos, in which he stated Latino voters are “an incredibly diverse community with incredibly different attitudes about different things.” Out of the many countries that constitute Latin America, 8 nationalities have the highest populations inside the U.S.: Mexican, Puerto Rican, Salvadoran, Cuban, Dominican, Guatemalan, Colombian […]

Tips for Making Your Halloween Costume

As the fall has just begun, we are sure to start thinking about costume ideas for Halloween. Before you spend money on an expensive yet low-quality costume from the store, consider the kind of costume you might be able to make yourself. It might seem stressful but making your own costume can be fun; plus, […]

Dismantling Louisiana’s Institutional Racism Requires Standing Together in the Face of Political Games

Say their names: Ronald Greene, Trayford Pellerin, Modesto Reyes, Breonna Taylor, and always a new name. This exhaustion we feel is proof of our collective momentum in taking down a racist system. The malignant cancer of racism in Louisiana is more subversive and dangerous than any hurricane we might endure. We must continue to stand […]

Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser Working On Plan to Take French Quarter from City Control

Lieutenant Governor Bill Nungesser wants to restore tourism across Louisiana as the state reopens – and he wants to start by taking control of the French Quarter away from the city of New Orleans. 

Defunding the Police Means Defunding Your City with This Bill

On Monday Republicans in the Louisiana House Appropriations committee advanced legislation that would deter the defunding of police in cities, parishes, and universities.  House Bill 38 would require universities, parishes, or cities planning on reducing law enforcement funding to notify the Joint Legislative Committee, which will be comprised of the House Appropriations and Senate Finance […]

New Orleans Saints vs. Los Angeles Chargers: 5 Bold Predictions

The (2-2) New Orleans Saints will be seeking to get their current win-loss record back to a winning percentage in Week #5 of the 2020 NFL Regular Season, when they host the visiting (1-3) Los Angeles Chargers on ESPN Monday Night Football. The kickoff for the nationally-televised contest is slated for 7:15 p.m. Central time at […]

3 Easy Ways To Start Making Money From Your Own Backyard

Who doesn’t want a little extra income? If you own a large property—especially in a place as beautiful and bustling as New Orleans—you have the opportunity to make some cash on the side. If you have a green thumb to show off, a scenic space for a rental property, or even just the free time […]

OPSB Candidate Believes LGBTQ Kids Don’t Deserve Equality

On November 3, 2020, voters in Orleans Parish will vote to re-elect incumbent Leslie Ellison or one of her opponents J.C. Romero or Winston “Boom” Whitten Jr. to Orleans Parish School Board District 4. Oftentimes in elections, voters succumb to choosing the lesser of two evils. Unlike most elections, the gulf of morality between the […]

Thousands of Hurricane Laura Evacuees Left with Nothing Demand Government Aid Immediately

NEW ORLEANS, LA—As a new hurricane approaches, and a special session of the legislature is mired in political infighting, thousands of evacuees are still awaiting desperately needed aid more than a month after Hurricane Laura made landfall as the strongest hurricane in Louisiana history. Evacuees from southwest Louisiana will be addressing their situation and what […]

Enhance Your Taste: 4 Best Homemade Sauce Recipes

Create your sauce, take a dip, eat, and do it all over again. That’s how it should always be when it comes to your favorite sauces. Nothing beats the simplicity and convenience of creating sauces in the comfort of your home. Expensive and branded sauces found in stores would cost more than you initially planned. […]

Important Questions You Should Ask When Hiring a Moving Van or Truck

Lots of reasons justify why you should always hire a van or a moving truck. One of the biggest reasons for hiring a moving truck or Van is the unavailability of the large vehicles at common homes. No matter what is the reason behind that why you have hired a van or a moving truck […]

Criminal Justice Reform Takes Center Stage in New Orleans DA Race

In the race for Orleans Parish District Attorney (DA), criminal justice reform has taken center stage as the defining issue.

Powerful Tips in Studying for Cisco 200-901 Exam. Why Prepare with Practice Tests?

Understanding the intricacies of software creation and development entails quite a great dedication. It’s essential that you build a strong foundation of these concepts to be able to advance your career further. Fortunately, today you can gain the necessary knowledge and skills through the Cisco DevNet certification path that includes the Associate, Professional, and Specialist […]

Down But Not Out in Detroit, Saints Showed Everyone They “Ain’t Dead Yet”

You’ll have to cut some slack to the many hundreds-of-thousands of Who Dat fans across the nation — most of them that all simultaneously turned off their TV sets in complete and total disgust — following the New Orleans Saints‘ horrific start early in their eventual 35-29 victory yesterday afternoon over the Lions on the […]

Tomorrow in Detroit Will Show What Kind of Team the Saints REALLY Are This Season

When the New Orleans Saints injury report was first released and read by the majority of Who Dats yesterday, it’s more than safe to say that an immediate sense of “doom and gloom” fell upon the team’s passionately-loyal fan-base as they thought of a possible 3rd straight loss for the team; and an even worse […]

SWB Issues Boil Water Advisory for Lower Coast Algiers

The New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board (SWBNO) issued a precautionary boil water advisory for the Lower Coast Algiers area on Friday, October 2. According to SWBNO, the advisory is due to a drop in water pressure after a driver struck a fire hydrant. Residents living in the affected area should use bottled water or […]

How to Boost the Standing and Credibility of Your Hospital

Owning a hospital requires focusing on various functions. One of these roles is providing a boost to the credibility of your hospital. Patients put themselves at stake when they trust their lives with you. The patients want to have a complete guarantee of your standing and potential before choosing you over any other facility. Therefore, […]

LA GOP Chairman of Minority Outreach Offers Social Media Platform for KKK Member

Elbert Lee Guillory, the Head of Minority Outreach for the Louisiana Republican Party posted a “short conversation” that he had with a KKKlansman. In the short interview, the KKK member expressed “sadness and anger” at the fact that the federal government, under President Donald Trump, designated the group as a terrorist organization.

New Orleans Democrats Need to Vote Early and In-Person

With the 2020 Presidential election weeks away, voters in New Orleans might be tempted to think that their individual vote will not impact the results of the election.  After all, New Orleans is a big blue Democratic city located in a red state that has not gone blue since the 1992 Presidential election. The truth, […]

5 Lifestyle Impacts Following a New York City Car Crash

Let’s say you’re driving in New York City, and another car hits you. The other driver gets out and starts weaving around. They’re unsteady on their feet, and you smell alcohol very strongly. When the police get there, they give this individual a breathalyzer. They’re over the legal limit. This seems like an open-and-shut case. This […]

Abolish State Violence Against Women, Folks & Families Rally and March

The New Orleans Workers Group in solidarity with Reproductive Justice Action Collective, Women With A Vision, the New Orleans Abortion Fund, Familias Unidas in Accion, New Orleans People’s Assembly and Louisiana Movement for Workers Councils calls on all people of conscience to demand an end to the medical experimentation and forced sterilization of women, folks […]

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