Two Local Media Favorites Pass Too Soon

We at Big Easy Magazine express our greatest and most sincere condolences to the families and friends of C.J. Morgan and Nancy Parker, both of whom will be missed so much. 

Progressive’s Lifestyle Spotlight: Mind Coach NOLA

At Mind Coach NOLA, Baker collaborates with mental health professionals, educators, and families to meet the needs of Louisiana’s neurodiverse population.

#FreeYoel, Save a Life!

Yoel Alonso Leal has spent over ten months being shuttled through a series of secretive ICE detention centers.

ICE Detention Centers Threaten to Make Louisiana Most Incarcerated State Again

New Orleans is a welcoming city to immigrants, indicative of our values of inclusivity and respect, but it isn’t enough to protect immigrants within the city limits. 

Bail Bonds Industry Faces Lawsuit & Potential Law Challenge

New Orleans resident Jerome Morgan is suing Blair’s Bail Bonds over a partial bond refund that was never paid to him.

Local Activist Tells Critics of Louisiana’s Medical Marijuana Implementation: “Let Them Suffer”

Big Easy Magazine has obtained several screenshots of a well-known local marijuana activist telling critics unhappy with Louisiana’s implementation of its medical marijuana program, “Let them suffer!”

Progressive’s Weekend 8/16-18: Community, Food, and Fun

This week we’re trying something new and giving you a selection of community events, places to eat, and fun to enjoy.

New Portrait of Louis Armstrong Appears in Central Business District


A formerly blighted piece of property at 300 Rampart street is now home to a colorful mural of Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong created by street artist Eduardo Kobra.

5 Saints to Watch This Sunday vs. the Los Angeles Chargers

The New Orleans Saints are in Costa Mesa, California to face the Los Angeles Chargers in two joint practice sessions before Sunday afternoon’s game.

Why Temperatures in Prisons and Jails Matter

Editor’s Note: This piece was originally posted on the Vera Institute of Justice’s “Think Justice” blog. It has been reposted here with permission. In the past month alone, 41 heat records were set across the country with temperatures as high as 112 degrees. Who is bearing the brunt of this? The 2.2 million people living in over […]

The Cartooning of Editorial: An Op-Ed

Our daily paper has now suggested it’s in agreement with the brand of Fillmore, from an editorial standpoint. This is highly dubious and for sure upsetting.

Guest Post: A Flood of Tax Dollars

Do sports teams benefit cities enough to justify the tax dollars spent on them? Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards seems to think so as he rolls out a $450 million plan to renovate the Superdome that comes with a 15 year extension for the Saints to stay in New Orleans. Of course the Saints and […]

How CBD Can Help You Sleep

No matter who they are or what they do, chances are anyone you talk to have struggled with sleep in their lifetime.

Jurassic Nightmare: Trey “T-Rex” Hendrickson Redefines Edge for Saints’ Defense

Yesterday, in what was the second time in the past two weeks, Hendrickson got into a scuffle with a member of the team’s offensive unit; this time with 4th string center Marcus Henry before it was quickly broken up by teammates.

Photos: Red Dress Run and Dirty Linen Night

This Saturday was the 25th annual Red Dress Run as well as Dirty Linen Night. Big Easy Magazine’s own Michael David Raso was there, snapping photos:  

Amnesty International Issues Travel Advisory for U.S.

Amnesty International has joined countries such as Japan, Uruguay, Venezuela and China in warning travelers they might want to stay away from the United States. The warnings come fter two mass shootings which claimed the lives of 31 people and injured dozens more. “Depending on the traveler’s gender identity, race, country of origin, ethnic background, […]

Marguerite Green Announces Run for Commisioner of Agriculutre & Forestry

  Women in Louisiana are signing up for political positions at a higher rate now than ever before. Of the new pack of candidates, Marguerite Green stands out. In an announcement sent in May, “Margee” Green established her run for Louisiana Commissioner of Agriculture & Forestry. At thirty years old, Marguerite challenges multi-term Republican incumbent […]

#1 Takeaway From Saints Preseason Loss to Vikings: Davenport Still Has a Long Way to Go Prove Himself

Last night many Saints fans were likely disappointed by the level of play shown by 2nd-year defensive end/edge pass rusher Marcus Davenport.

ICE Raid Results in 680 Arrests; Billionaire CEO Goes Scot-Free

On Wednesday, the first day of school in many parts of the United States, ICE conducted raids across 11 different Mississippi chicken food-processing plants.

Progressive’s Weekend: Red Dress Run and More

There are lots of events this weekend celebrating the uniquely inclusive and progressive culture of New Orleans. Here are a few of our favorites.

New Orleans City Council Restricts Short-Term Rentals

On Thursday, the New Orleans City Council unanimously passed a ban on most Airbnb and other short-term rentals in the city.

Photos: Dance Your Style New Orleans PLUS An Interview with Sheik Winn

The Red Bull Dance Your Style competition is an international competition bringing together, the region’s most talented dancers.

5 Undrafted Saints Rookies That Need to Stand Out vs. Vikings to Earn a Roster Spot

The team doesn’t play their veteran starting players in the first two preseason games, so there will be plenty of opportunities for the UFDAs to show their stuff.

Big Easy Magazine Rolls Out New Inspirational Commercial in Preparation for Big Easy 2.0

Big Easy Magazine, the online home for progressive New Orleans, worked with So It Goes Productions to launch its first major commercial, “Who Speaks for New Orleans?” Since launching early this week, the ad has garnered more than 7,000 page views on Big Easy Magazine’s Facebook alone. In the aftermath of the Times-Picayune/Advocate/Gambit merger, New […]

Remembering Toni Morrison: My first time reading The Bluest Eye

Editor’s Note: This piece originally appeared on The NOLA Chic website. It has been reprinted here with permission. My heart sank when I read the bold headlines about the death of our beloved Toni Morrison, but I was immediately comforted by the rich, extensive legacy she left for us. She was an extremely prolific writer, an incredible […]

New Orleans On Track To Become Fiscally Stable

On Tuesday, the Revenue Estimating Conference (REC) updated their estimate of the City’s revenue for the 2019 fiscal year to show that New Orleans is on track to reduce their reliance on one-time revenue. They are also closer to eliminating the use of the balance fund to fill any budget holes. “If things continue on […]

Opinion: Be Cosmopolitan or Leave

At a time when Donald Trump’s Republican Party is singling out America’s great cities for abuse, we should ask visitors to “Be Cosmopolitan or Leave.”

CBD in Professional Sports: How Safe Is It?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is easily one of the best compounds found in marijuana. It is the most present compound in medical marijuana, which is currently being adored by countless worldwide. As the acceptance for marijuana grows deeper, is it finally time that more people embrace its use so as to urge governments to pass legalization? Products […]

Gordon Plaza Residents Meet with Mayor Cantrell to Discuss Fully-Funded Relocation for their Community

Thursday, August 1st, Mayor LaToya Cantrell met with residents of Gordon Plaza, a community that was built on top of a landfill that was classified as a superfund site by the EPA over 20 years ago.  In the decades since the City of New Orleans built the subdivision, many members of the predominantly black community […]

Rookie Safety Saquan Hampton Exceeding Expectations in Saints Training Camp

When the New Orleans Saints drafted former Rutgers University safety Saquan Hampton with their 6th Round selection (#177 overall) in the 2019 NFL Draft, some analysts and fans had their doubts that the 23-year-old safety and well-noted special teams stand-out would be able to remain with the team on a long-term basis. That’s because the […]

The Last Push to Digitize a NOLA Newspaper Archive

We have until 10:30 PM CST tonight to fully fund The NOLA Digital Newspaper Archive (in conjunction with Intelligent Archives) in their efforts to “preserve & digitize” a plethora of Times-Picayune papers from 1888 to 1929.

“Increasing the Visibility”: An Interview with Jalence Isles about Where Black NOLA Eats

At five and a half thousand members, the Facebook group Where Black NOLA Eats is described as a “safe space for the black New Orleans community, our allies, and visitors to promote black business and other businesses that value our dollars.” The group has inspired many a conversation and resource, including a google map of […]

Op-Ed: Louisiana Republican Politicians Tone Deaf in Aftermath of Deadly Shooting

As we continue to witness a rise in white domestic terrorism in this country, Louisiana’s Republican U.S. Congressmen remain tone deaf as to the root cause of the mass violence sweeping our nation. Despite evidence showing that the overwhelming majority of the approximately 32 mass shootings this year were carried out by white nationalists, Louisiana’s […]

Tweeter in Chief: An Op-Ed

When is a tweet considered hate-speech? When is a President responsible for anything?

Trump Removes Radcliff from Possible Director of National Intelligence Position, Nominates LaPlace’s Bill E. Goat

After declining to make Daniel Radcliff (R-Weasel) Director of National Intelligence, it has fallen to St. John the Baptist Parish’s own Bill E. Goat of LaPlace, Louisiana to be Trump’s next pick as intelligence head.  Radcliff was dropped after Congress and the media accused him of padding his resume. Members questioned if he really had […]

Nine Dead, Sixteen Injured in Another Mass Shooting

According to Dayton, Ohio police, nine people have been killed and another sixteen injured in a second mass shooting in less than 24 hours. Authorities have confirmed that the suspect is also dead. Dayton Deputy Director and Assistant Chief of the Police Lt. Col. Matt Carper told reporters early Sunday morning that the incident happened […]

Mass Shooting at El Paso Walmart, at Least 20 Dead

Another day, and another horrific mass shooting. This time at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas. Around 11 AM police arrived to deal with an active shooting at the Cielo Vista Mall. By 1 PM at least one person, 21–year–old, white male, Patrick Crusius, had been arrested with FBI, SWAT teams, and ATF at the […]

Community Spotlight: Po-Breaux’s

When you walk into Cafe Negril’s new entertainment and food space, Po-Breaux’s, one thing immediately becomes clear: there’s no place on Frenchman Street quite like it.

Immigrants Pepper Sprayed and Possible Beatings Inside ICE Bossier Parish Detention Facility

During a hunger strike protest, immigrants at the facility were pepper-sprayed for non-violent behavior as a way of “de-escalating the situation” according to Lt. Bill Davis of the Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Office>

Progressive Lifestyle: Young Activists Thank Karen Carter Peterson For Support of #ClimateDebate

On Thursday, the Sunrise Movement and Louisiana College Democrats held a rally to thank State Senator Karen Carter Peterson for her support of a Climate Debate.

“Malcom In The Middle”: Top-Rated DT and Former 2-Time Champ Has Upgraded Heart of Saints Defense Big-Time

New Orleans and Brown agreed to a 3-year contract a few months ago that pays the 25-year old $15 million over 3 years. Clearly, the Saints have gotten a bargain

In a Sinking State: An Interview with Sandra Winther, Director of “Lowland Kids”

The idea that Louisiana is home to the first American climate change refugees is incredibly sad and somewhat poignant.

Sex in the Big Easy: Keeping Your Submissive Collared

Collaring is one of the biggest things in the BDSM community. It represents different areas of a person’s lifestyle.

A Bywater Renaissance Warehouse: An Interview with Tim Wolff

From the descriptions below, the art space and wood shop at 1201 Mazant St. in New Orleans has quite the history and definitely many a story to tell.

Mudbugs & Monsters: An Interview with Michael Homan on his short film Geauxjira

Those early weeks, when the oil kept spewing and the pundits kept getting things wrong, were some trying moments. 

Summer By Rail: Chef Madi Butler Shows How Rail Travel Can Revitalize America

Improving access to public transit is one of Chef Madi Butler’s passions, and it shows. Having grown up in Kentucky, where public transit access is limited (to say the least), Butler has seen firsthand how that lack of access can affect communities. This summer, Butler joins the Rail Passenger Association’s Summer By Rail program. Throughout […]

A Lovely Sunday For Poetry

New Orleans locals, mark your calendars for almost every Sunday afternoon (around 3:30), and there will be a seat waiting for you in the courtyard of The Maple  Leaf Bar.

In the Charter School System, Who Comes First: Students or CEOs?

Big Easy Magazine covered the last public school in New Orleans being turned into a charter school and the fears of parents in “Charter Schools and Race in New Orleans”.  As the last public school in New Orleans was officially turned into a charter school, many parents professed fears, suggesting that part of the reason […]

Guest Editorial: What A President Is Supposed To Do

It was early September 2005. About a week after we were hit by Hurricane Katrina and the levees failed, President George W. Bush, who was a little late coming here but he was here now, gave a speech in front of St Louis Cathedral. Most of the City was still in darkness, and still deep […]

Louisiana’s CBD Emergency Declaration Hurting Small Businesses

On June 27, the Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control (ATC) issued a declaration of emergency that effectively would make selling certain cannabidiol (CBD) products illegal. Less than a month earlier, Louisiana HB 491 had been signed into law, legalizing the cultivation of industrial hemp while also creating regulations for the sale of CBD […]

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