New NOPD District Leader Defended Officers in Danziger Bridge, Henry Glover Killings and Cover-Up

Less than two years after Mayor Cantrell generated controversy by seeking to re-hire Warren Riley, who presided over the NOPD operations during the heinous instances of post-Katrina police brutality, the New Orleans Police Department continues to name officers with connections to the Danziger Bridge shooting and other civil rights violations to leadership positions within the force […]

QB OPTION: Can Saints Get “Next Patrick Mahomes” in the Upcoming 2020 NFL Draft?

As the current rumors and uncertainty that surround the future of  19th year veteran starting QB Drew Brees and his possible retirement continue to linger and grow exponentially, no less than three nationally-prominent NFL writers within the past week have suggested that the New Orleans Saints instead could choose another option at their QB position […]

Potentially High Levels of Toxic Chemicals Found in New Orleans Water Supply

A new report released by the nonpartisan, nonprofit Environmental Working Group (EWG) found potentially dangerous levels of toxic fluorinated chemicals known as PFAS in the water supply of several major cities across the U.S., including New Orleans. The EWG tested 44 sites in 31 states between May and December of 2019. According to the report, […]

Saints Seek to Block Release of Emails Related to Archdiocese Sex Abuse Scandal

The New Orleans Saints are seeking to block the release of emails showing that members of the team’s management team helped the Archdiocese of New Orleans with public messaging regarding the 2018 release of a list of more than 50 clergy members “credibly accused” of sexual abuse. According to a report by the Associated Press, […]

Louisiana Senator Shamefully Ignores Constitution, Walks Out of Impeachment Trial

Despite making public assurances that he would fulfill their Constitutional obligations as impartial jurors in President Trump’s impeachment trial, Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy joined a large number of GOP Senators in leaving the Senate Chambers for prolonged periods of time, while crucial evidence was introduced against the President. This afternoon, Michael McAuliff, Congressional reporter for […]

As Drew Brees Decides His Future, Would Saints Be Wise to Commit to Bridgewater?

While it’s expected that 41-year old starting QB, soon-to-be 20th year veteran, and future first-ballot Hall of Famer Drew Brees will return to play for the New Orleans Saints during the 2020 NFL Season later this year; the team’s #1 star and living legend is said to be seriously pondering his future options as his […]

Report Finds Child Trauma Rates “Higher than Soldiers Returning from War” in New Orleans

On Tuesday, nearly 100 social workers from across Louisiana gathered to preview a new report from the New Orleans Children & Youth Planning Board (CYPB) titled “Called to Care.” The report, which was ordered by the New Orleans City Council in 2018, examines childhood trauma across the city and provides a path forward towards a […]

Some Interesting Options on the New Orleans Saints 2020 Free Agency Shopping List

The New Orleans Saints are expected to remain a serious contender to get to the Super Bowl for at least a couple of more seasons if not longer, before their soon-to-be 20th year veteran starting QB (and future NFL Hall of Famer) Drew Brees eventually retires. However in order to maintain that status, the team […]

Martin Luther King Jr.’s Forgotten Legacy: Radical Progressivism

Every January, millions of people around the world pay tribute to the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Many choose to focus on his famous “I Have a Dream” speech – or at least one portion of it. They focus on the portion, near the end of the speech, where Dr. King speaks of […]

Medical Professionals Take Direct Actions Towards Immigration Advocacy

National headlines broke in December when the group Doctors for Camp Closure (D4CC) protested at the San Ysidro border near San Diego, California. This direct action was a response to the denial by Border Patrol to allow medical professionals to administer flu vaccinations to individuals detained inside the Chula Vista Border Patrol Station. Following the […]

NFL “Can’t Guard Mike” ⁠— But Can the Saints Get Him Some Help in the 2020 Draft?

After breaking and then setting the NFL’s brand new record for catches (149) by a wide receiver in a single season in 2019, it’s pretty safe to say that the New Orleans Saints arguably have one of ⁠— if not THE BEST pass-catcher ⁠— in the entire sport of Pro Football in 4th year All-Pro […]

Trump’s New Campaign Advisor Worked for Focus on the Family Founder and Says HIV Enacts “God’s Moral Law”

The Trump re-election campaign has hired Jenna Ellis, a frequent Fox News guest and anti-LGBTQ+ extremist as a senior legal advisor. According to Axios, Trump has said that he is “impressed” by Ellis’ TV appearances on Fox News, and that he wanted to “give her a bigger job.” Ellis has often spoken out against gay […]

The Perils of Media Contagion

When a 19-year-old former student entered my high school on February 14th, 2018 and shot 34 of my former classmates, coaches and teachers at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, my high school was completely rebranded as the site of the deadliest high school shooting in United States history. I was forced to watch as as […]

NFL’s Most Recent Move is a Blatant “Slap in the Face” to Saints and Their Fans

What a joke. In a professional sport that allegedly prides itself on its wholesome image among all of its passionate fans nation-wide as well as the general public ⁠⁠— particularly when it comes to a sense of “fair play” — the folks behind the scenes who operate and run the National Football League up in […]

BREAKING: Elizabeth Warren to Bernie Sanders: “You called me a liar on national TV”

Iowa.  It was a tense moment noticed across the Internet. Last night as Senator Bernie Sanders went to shake Senator Elizabeth Warren’s hand, she appeared to decline. Few people were aware of the actual exchange between the two of them until now. In post-debate audio CNN has revealed a terse exchange between Warren and Sanders. […]

The Diagnosis of ADD/ADHD is Debilitating Prospective Artists

I look to the young girl with her head bent over word problems that will never make sense to her. She feigns interests in them for a minute before she looks up. “I can’t do this.” “Keep trying,” I tell her.-ADVERTISEMENT-Powered by Ads Pro She picks up her pencil and tries to solve the problem […]

The Raso Report: Mice Rejoice as Trump Claims Cures for AIDS and Cancer “Very Shortly”

Today is a glorious day for mankind and lab mice everywhere, as Trump announced that his administration has nearly defeated AIDS and child cancer. “We will achieve new breakthroughs in science and medicine,” the president told a giddy crowd.  “I see what they are doing. I see it. They show me. The things we are […]

Saints QB Conundrum: Who Should (or Deserves) to be the Starter in 2020?

A “conundrum”. As defined by the dictionary and applied to the current quarterback situation for the New Orleans Saints, it’s described as “a difficult problem or question that has no clear-cut answer or solution at that moment”. And as the 53-year old franchise moves forward into the 2020 NFL Off- Season following yet another heart-breaking […]

An Unfair Advantage for Some Campaigns?

It is not illegal or unethical, but having a My People Vote app subscription is definitely an unfair advantage for political campaigns, when their opponents do not have it. The advantage for campaigns is that the My People Vote app is easy to use. My People Vote developer, Tony Licciardi, said “It gets the wonky […]

The Raso Report: Breaking News! New Hard Rock Hotel to be Built on Top of Old Hard Rock Hotel and Other Brilliant Ideas

The City Planning Commission, in association with the Hard Rock Hotel committee, has come up with several possibilities for what to do with the current disaster that has building innards leaking out of the Hard Rock Hotel and dropping onto the street at the corner of Rampart and Canal. We, the people will be asked […]

Saints-giving Friday

“When you’re fully invested in something disappointment hurts more… which is why lot of people don’t fully invest. However you won’t feel same joy when success does come! WhoDatNation stay fully invested! The payoff will come again and the feeling will be that much more amazing!” -Scott Shanle … the thing is, we KNOW this […]

Health Inequity in New Orleans: An Ongoing Issue

In the New Orleans Metro area, there is a 25-year difference in life expectancy between ZIP codes 70124 and 70112. These two areas are fewer than five miles apart and within the same city – so why is there such a large difference in health? The difference is that the first is home to mostly […]

Saints Free Agent Veterans Who Shouldn’t Be Re-Signed for 2020 Season or Beyond

The New Orleans Saints, fresh off their 3rd straight heart-breaking loss in the NFL Playoffs, don’t have much time to dwell or be “bummed out” by not achieving their ultimate goal of reaching the Super Bowl; since they are intent on keeping the core of their current team intact in order to make at least […]

Why New Orleans?

Note: All photographs published in this article are the property of Thomas Cole.  What exactly separates this very old, scenic and, at times, colorful town from others I have visited?  I spent nearly a quarter of my life in the most foreign and exotic locales on this planet – Istanbul, Kabul, Goa, Kathmandu, Bali, Chiang […]

After 3rd Straight Playoff Heartbreak, Is Saints and Brees’ Time About to Run Out?

Time. It waits for nobody, doesn’t give away any more opportunities once it begins to run out, and eventually: it becomes our enemy. Yesterday at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, that harsh reality of life began to hit ‘Who Dat’ fans as they watched their beloved New Orleans Saints football team lose in the NFL Playoffs for […]

Trump’s Assassination of Top Iranian General is an Act of War Reversing Years of Progress

Trump’s decision to carry out the assassination of Iran’s top general is a very poorly calculated and dangerous action against a country that posed no imminent threat to our national security. After making headway with the Iran nuclear deal under the Obama administration, objectively suppressing Iran’s capacity to build a nuclear arsenal, we have gone […]

Words of Michael Thomas Show Why Nobody Wants to Face Saints in NFL Playoffs

Motivation. It comes in many forms for professional football players in the NFL, but for All-Pro wide receiver Michael Thomas and his New Orleans Saints teammates, their source of motivation in the next few days and weeks during the NFL Playoffs will all be about respect; or at least in the view of the Black […]

BREAKING: Louisiana Senators, Representative Ask Supreme Court to Revisit Roe v. Wade

Louisiana senators John Kennedy and Bill Cassidy, as well as Representative Steve Scalise, joined 37 other senators and 167 other representatives in signing an amicus brief on Thursday asking the Supreme Court to reconsider its decision on Roe v. Wade. The 1973 landmark Roe v. Wade decision granting women the right to seek an abortion […]

3 Affordable Identification Items for Event Organizers

Event organizing staples like good-quality t-shirts and uniforms don’t always come cheap, even when ordered at quantity. Sometimes, for one reason or another, these items just aren’t worth the expense or don’t make sense in context. Nevertheless, events still usually call for a method of identifying organizers and participants. Good thing there are a few […]

Troy is Burning: Cassandra-esque Warnings to Salvage SWB Fall on Deaf Ears

Once again the New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board is in the news with another systemic failure: its engines are literally burning and  SWB did not pay its federal payroll taxes causing the IRS to file a tax lien.  This time lip service and piecemeal solutions will not get the agency out of hot water. […]

Saints Playoff Success vs. Minnesota Likely Depends on Which Cousins Shows Up

Good or bad. Hot or cold. Great or total and complete garbage. Those are just a few of the extreme and polar opposite adjectives that one could use to describe the “up and down” play recently of Minnesota Vikings starting QB Kirk Cousins. And when the #3 seed New Orleans Saints host both him and […]

Big Easy Magazine’s 10 Most Engaging Stories of 2019

This year has been filled with a lot of interesting, engaging, and frustrating news stories here in New Orleans. From Drew Brees and the Saints to charter schools and gun buybacks, 2019 has kept us on our toes. But which stories did our readers find most interesting this year? Here is our round-up of the […]

PURPLE PAIN: Saints Playoff Path Starts With Record 5th Match-Up vs. Minnesota

Things didn’t quite go as planned yesterday for the New Orleans Saints yesterday, even though the team ended their 2019 Season on a high note with a dominant 42-10 victory over their division rivals, the Carolina Panthers that allowed them to finish with one of the League’s best win-loss records at (13-3). That’s because since […]

Blue Bikes Going Electric in January

New Orleans’ public bicycle system – locally known as Blue Bikes – are going electric in January. The current pedal bicycles will be replaced with electric bicycles that can go up to 20 mph – but riders who use the system will need to prepare to pay more. Currently, the pedal bikes cost around 10 […]

Are the Saints Serious About Signing Former All-Pro WR Antonio Brown?

The New Orleans Saints, who are (12-3) and finish their 2019 Regular Season schedule this weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina against their NFC South Division rivals the Carolina Panthers, might have some additional help for the upcoming NFL Playoffs in a week and a half from now, from a most unlikely source: controversial former All-Pro […]

STONE COLD: Not Intimidated, Saints Still Hope to Avoid Playoff Game at Green Bay

The “frozen tundra” of Lambeau Field, in Green Bay. Wisconsin. It’s well-known that temperatures there can reach as low as 13 below zero degrees fahrenheit, with a wind chill factor of minus 36 degrees, just as it did once upon a time during the infamous “Ice Bowl” some 50-plus years ago. And it’s for that […]

SWBNO Faces Many Challenges Heading Into 2020

As 2019 draws to a close and we head into 2020, the Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans (SWBNO) faces several challenges. Aging infrastructure experiencing failures on an increasingly catastrophic level and almost nonexistent public confidence and trust (not to mention numerous financial woes) show virtually no sign of abating as the city heads […]

NOT DONE YET: Saints Rally to Beat Titans and Keep Top Playoff Spot Within Reach

One day when they are writing about the story of the 2019 New Orleans Saints football season for the NFL history books, there isn’t any doubt that yesterday’s come-from-behind 38-28 victory at Nissan Stadium in downtown Nashville, Tennessee against the Titans, will have its very own chapter in that story. That’s not only because Saints […]

Embrace Hope, Continue to Push the Limits of the Human Race

Sometimes I ponder the possibilities of human greatness and imagine humanity with enlightened minds and selflessness, devoid of ego. A human race that lived by the Golden Rule and one in which you treat others the way you want to be treated. A race that transcends the boundaries of physical skin color and aspires to […]

ROAD WARRIORS: Saints Shot at Super Bowl Might Be Better Away From NOLA

  Nashville, Tennessee. It’s the home to some of Country Music’s biggest and brightest stars in popular American culture. But tomorrow afternoon at Nissan Stadium at approximately 12:00 p.m. — in that city’s home of the Tennessee Titans football team — it’s where the (11-3) New Orleans Saints will be seeking to further their hold […]

On leaving Green New Deal event at Mahalia Jackson Theatre for the Performing Arts, and finding myself exiting through Armstrong Park’s main entrance

On May 7th, 2019, going to Mahalia Jackson Theatre for The Performing Arts (for the Green New Deal gathering and rally) was a very nice 2-block walk down a side street, and into the St. Philip Street sidewalk entrance into Armstrong Park around 6 p.m. Two hours later, that side entrance, like all the other […]

Parents Join Step Up Louisiana Rally and March to OPSB to Demand Better Schools

More than 50 workers, parents, and members of Step Up Louisiana held a rally on Thursday evening before marching to the final Orleans Parish School Board meeting of 2019 to demand change. New Orleans is the only all-charter school system in the nation – a venture that many legislatures in both the city and state […]

After Months of No Service, the Algiers Ferry is Back

After months of no service, the RTA’s Algiers ferry is finally back. Service resumed on Monday thanks to a new deal between the RTA and Labmar Ferry Services. Under the new agreement, RTA will pay Labmar around $6 million to take over the daily ferry maintenance and operations. “This was the necessary and appropriate step […]

DOWNRIGHT HISTORICAL: Brees a Record-Breaker as Saints Whip Colts

To borrow the title of famous rock and roll music group Frankie Valli and the Four Season’s classic hit song from nearly 45 years ago (back in late 1975):  “Oh What a Night” it was for both the New Orleans Saints and their future Hall-of-Fame Quarterback Drew Brees at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome last night. The […]

Nobody Is Above the Law Rally in Metairie to Demand Trump Be Impeached and Removed From Office

(Metairie, LA) – On Tuesday, December 17, 2019  –  the night before the U.S. House of Representatives votes to impeach Donald Trump for high crimes and misdemeanors  –   activists will gather at 110 Veterans Boulevard as part of the nationwide “Nobody Is Above the Law” rallies. The rally in Metairie will be one of 500 events […]

Louisiana Suing California Over Alligator Ban That Could Hurt Wetlands

On Thursday, the state of Louisiana filed a lawsuit against the state of California over a law banning the sale and import of alligator products. According to the lawsuit, in addition to hurting an important industry in Louisiana, it could also hurt the state’s wetlands. “Far from protecting American alligators, the Challenged Laws – if […]

My Father’s Vote For Trump

In late November 2016 my parents were visiting us for my son’s birthday. It was one week after Donald Trump won the Presidential election. My nerves were shot, optimism gone, and a fearful panic of the next four years consumed my thoughts. But not my Dad’s. My father was an English Literature Professor, for 37 […]

New STR Restrictions Took Effect This Month, But Are They Too Late?

Short term rentals (STRs) have been something of a blessing and a curse for New Orleans. On the one hand, they provide a relatively easy addition income for New Orleans homeowners – many of whom earn as little as 14 percent below the national average in wages each year – and a cheaper, convenient place […]

Louisiana’s Low Minimum Wage Is Starving Its Citizens

Louisiana’s legislators have long fought against raising the state’s minimum wage above the federal $7.25 per hour. Most recently, the state went so far as to vote against allowing larger cities, like New Orleans, the autonomy to set their own minimum wage. But this is a move that is hurting Louisiana’s citizens. According to a […]

How to pay off $20K of debt in a year

When you are loaded with debt, it can be difficult to imagine an end to it. More often than not, the payments feel like they stack with no end in sight, but the situation is almost never as terrible as it seems. If you find yourself struggling with debt, follow some of these tips to […]

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