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The trees whisper.

The mountains whistle.

Because the wind is a gypsy, dancing between them.

Made from star stuff, she tastes of other lands.

This traveler is lost ,frivolously, in the throws of her own demands.

But the wind is a gypsy.

Never to be kept still.

Fickle is her direction.

But iron is her will.





Kellyann Bates is a traveling artist and barista, gathering inspiration far and wide. 

She has lived in New Orleans on and off for the past six years, going to UNO for studio arts and traveling cross country. As a painter and poet, the medium she uses is inspired by flow. The movement and change of things with time are a constant in life that she chooses to embrace. 

Editor’s Note: The painting used as the featured image for this poem is by Kellyann Bates.  If you like her work, she has a large collection and also does commissions!  You can reach her at kbdoing12@gmail.com!

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