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Damning Love

damning love


As she slithered through the forest,

So fragrant with desire,

         I fell from grace,

Into love with her,

Risking eternal fire.


The shouts of those who would burn her,

Echoed throughout the trees.

    But to know her,

         Is to be undone,

             Amidst this flurry of leaves.


And though the shouts may reach my ears,

The condemnations I do not hear.

They bounce off of me harmlessly       

As she swallows all my fears.


Reborn within her mysteries,

    Shedding the dogmas of old,

         Those who would light a fire to burn me,

    May burn my skin to be sure,

but she alone ignites my soul.


This is the poem from Nolan Storey’s latest book, “Damning Love; Poems of Pain and Perversion, Interrupted by Hope,” which the book itself is named after.  You can learn more about this new collection of poetry as well as purchase it here!  100% of the proceeds from this book go to the struggling writers of New Orleans!  Well… one of them anyways.  

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