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To Love, To Let Her Be

woman, free, balloon

Do the romance thing

whether autumn or spring

whichever suits your aesthetic.

Remember though,

harsher conditions do follow

and they may become unbearable.

That is called


and lack of trust.

The jasmine won’t bloom

for your desires,

yet she will to evolve for her.



or without you,

A deserving romance

with much sincerity

will appreciate her.

Covered with ice,

snow, or when she

gasps for summer showers

You’ll attain the purest

of intentions as you exist

outside of autumn or spring,

With trust that she has to

and will evolve into her,


She’ll always be free and as

necessary to existence as you,

send her your love and make it true.


Sharita A. Sims, self-published author of Vacuum Reality and Blues Is My Happy Place, was raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, in the midst of poverty and the Baptist church practice as an adolescent in the new millennium. Either by being an old soul, or perhaps the product of elderly influence, has molded Sims with her wisdom as throughout her life she has been able to express her understanding of life with the spirit of her ancestors guiding her tongue and words. As a writer, she is commanding of the reader’s heart and consciousness with her devotion to provoke emotional responses, thoughts, and to inspire intimate bonding within her culture.

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