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Beauty is a field of roses.


It’s surrounded by barbed wire,

That we put up,

With bleeding hands,

And hardened hearts.


We could lay in this field

If we but take the fence down.


In this desert of destitute disappointment,

There are sudden sparkling streams,

That make the sand and grit of life,



And so long as those of us

Who once doused flames with despair

Keep re-fashioning ourselves

Into candles,


Light will always win.


This is a poem from Nolan Storey’s book, “Chaotic Hope.” It is available for purchase at Blue Cypress Books on Oak Street!  100% of the proceeds from this book go to the struggling writers of New Orleans!  Well… one of them anyways.


Editor’s Note: Make sure you check out some of Big Easy Magazine’s previously featured poets!  Works by Julia Gene Taylor, Sharita Sims, Molly Kirschner and Caroline Greenberg are excellent places to start!

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