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The Religious Liberty Task Force: A Rhymed Response

Businessman Breaking Chains

You have no power here,

Death has no dominion,

And though as life, you appear,

We see through the haze, your lies.

You are truly a cage,

And to those of us with open eyes,

A cage is death.


Freedom is our dominion,

Rather than your so called love.

Your love is a numbing eternity,

Against the smothering bosom

Of an impotent tyrant.


We choose freedom.

The freedom to feel.

The freedom to be.

True love is freedom,

And freedom lives

Outside of your cage.

If you enjoy Nolan’s poetry, be sure to check out his other poems for Big Easy Magazine here and here

His poetry is available at Blue Cypress Books on Oak Street and Faulkner House Books in the French Quarter.  You can also buy his books here!

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