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Horticulture of a Healer

Her Green Thumb

Heals the land she graces,

Her open heart,

Loves the people she faces.

Her laugh,

Her voice,

Her smile,

Lift up the spirits of all the folks.

Her flawless sense of style,

Is matched only by her wit,



She is of the Earth,

Yet she is of spirit.

Hers is always sage advice,

Even when it’s hard to hear it.

Although her feet are on the ground,

And her head is in the sky,

Her heart is the meeting place for both,

A well-grounded spiritualist, by and by.

Joining together a variety of folks,

Filling others with passion and worth,

Making bloom both plants and hopes,

She is a blessing upon this Earth.



Nolan’s poetry is available at Blue Cypress Books on Oak Street and Faulkner House Books in the French Quarter.  You can also buy his books here!

Don’t forget to check out his other poems for Big Easy Magazine here and here!  And if you like his work, be sure to check out some of his fiction!

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