Opinion: Humanity Should Channel Collective Consciousness to Create a Better Planet

Over the course of our history, as our brains have increased in size, we have become more complex beings, enabling us to harness the power to process complex information. Yet it is the precise patterns of information processing that engender human consciousness.

If our collective consciousness is constantly evolving, how can we channel this phenomenon to tackle the challenges that we face in the world today?

It seems rather paradoxical that as we have increased our level of collective awareness over time, we have simultaneously contributed to our own destruction. For instance, as our consciousness has evolved, instead of focusing our efforts to eradicate global poverty, we have used our collective consciousness to develop nuclear weapons capable of destroying our planet several times. Instead of ensuring the long term viability of our environment and preserving ecosystems that promote life in various habitats, we have used our natural resources to degrade and destroy our planet. We’ve ignored the warnings from credible scientists who have all but proven that climate change is caused by human activity and is directly correlated with the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

To create a reality grounded in objective truth and that acknowledges our human interconnectedness, we must stop allowing our global corporate leaders to hijack our thoughts.  Increased globalization has created a world in which corporatist systems control our lives. Our leaders are more concerned about exploiting our vulnerabilities and appealing to our innermost fears instead of uniting us to create a more prosperous world for everyone. They use a divide and conquer strategy in order to create order from chaos. We are constantly pitted against one another to promote perpetual competition, which plays to the pocketbooks of the world’s most powerful multinational corporations. We are, in essence, puppets for corporate-backed leaders who value profit over peace.


As the threat of climate change increases and world peace is compromised, we are at a crossroads as a people. We can either channel our collective consciousness towards building a sustainable peaceful world, or we can allow a greedy corporate world to undermine our faith in humanity, blinding us from the true nature of our existence and lead to the destruction of our planet

Scott Ploof is Publisher and Founder of Big Easy Magazine. 

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