An Open Letter to Drew Brees from Big Easy Magazine’s Publisher

Ever since Drew Brees came to New Orleans, he has been a hero to me. The last thing my publication and I wanted to do was to defame an American hero. For the record, we don’t believe we have defamed him. Drew Brees has always shown class, dignity and respect in all of his encounters publicly and privately.

With that said, his long-standing association with a known anti-LGBTQ hate group, known for their use of conversion therapy to convert those who are not heterosexual, is particularly troublesome. Drew, imagine a gay Saints fan who has always respected you and worshiped you, learning that you aligned yourself with a group known for their anti-LGBTQ stances. He discovers his hero is standing with an organization that takes the position that being gay is a choice and he should seek God to convert. That’s extremely hurtful to many of the fans who hold you in high esteem.

We listened to your apology, and we actually fully believe you when you say you respect people regardless of race, gender, sexuality, etc, but instead of attacking an independent, local publication that has covered the Saints extensively for publishing an article with a “very negative headline,” and going on to accuse the publication of publishing clickbait, you should have spent your time sincerely apologizing to the LGBTQ community for aligning yourself with a group that is known for their anti-gay stance.


The Washington Post elaborated about your accusation against us:

You accuse our publication of trying to get views with a negative headline, but if you truly believe that, then why would reputable national media outlets such as Newsweek, Business Insider, Yahoo News, ATT News and many more cover this story if it wasn’t nationally legitimate? When a Super Bowl-winning quarterback potentially disparages the LGBTQ community it is important news especially to an entire city of fans.

Yes, we called you out on this but we didn’t create this controversy. You created it yourself by aligning yourself with this group since 2010. This was not a newly formed alliance. Now, we will give you the benefit of the doubt here and accept that you didn’t know this organization’s stances. You’ve always been a class act; so we will give you that. Now, we are asking you that you apologize for demeaning our publication just because we published a factual story that happened to be vetted and picked up nationally. We are asking you to stop blaming us for your actions, denounce this group, end your association and make a genuine attempt to make amends with the LGBTQ community. But whatever you do, please don’t add insult to injury.

The bottom line is we are cheering for you to do the right thing Drew. We are cheering for you to take a stand against hate (as you have done many times before), and please don’t blame us for reporting a factual news story. And then, go win another damn Super Bowl for every single one of us. You can overcome this moment and we believe you will, but please do the right thing first. We are all rooting for you.

You can read contributing writer and editor Jenn Bentley’s letter to Big Easy Magazine readers and followers of the controversy here.

Scott Ploof is Publisher and Founder of Big Easy Magazine.

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32 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Drew Brees from Big Easy Magazine’s Publisher

  1. Scott
    I just think it’s fair to point out to you that Focus On The Family, of which I am NO fan at all, is not recognized as an anti LGBT hate group by the SPLC. However Family Research Council is actually listed as such.

    1. Family Research Council is owned by Focus On The Family. The different name is merely an attempt to hide who they are and what they believe in from those like Drew (and Mike Pence) who support them. Not even hide very well, but at least Drew can try to claim plausible deniability.

      1. Not since 1992 FWIW. I’m a confessional evangelical and not the biggest fan of Focus on the Family. But facts do matter. Scott D. has a point. They are different organizations, though they have a shared history if you go back far enough.

    2. Sleeping with dogs will get you the fleas. And quit advocating religious proselytizing in public schools.

  2. I find a number of your stories disturbing. Brees is the latest. I respect your choice of lifestyle, but you should not expect us to wear a LGBTQ pin or be banned a bigot.

    1. Who is asking you to wear a pin? Maybe just don’t support or align yourself with groups who actively seek to limit the freedoms of others or don’t whine when called out on it.

    2. “Conversion therapy” is a hate crime. If you support it, if you support groups that support it, yes, you are a bigot. That said, you’re confusing “orientation,” which is innate, with “lifestyle,” which is a choice. It’s 2019; no one should be doing anymore.

      And, no, no one is expecting you to wear a LGBTQ pin. But it would be nice if you did.

  3. First. I’m gay. Second, your original article’s headline was grossly unfair. Third, you attempt to legitimize your story by saying it was shared. Well, so will his response to the story and all the good he has done for the community and all the people he’s helped and will continue to. Your story will go away. Lastly, he NEVER disparaged the LGBTQ community. If his relationship with FoF was so long and disturbing by talking about overcoming adversity 9 years ago and then his family 5 years ago, I wonder why not one person brought it up or even knew about it? You can continue to try and drag this out and defend you clickbait headline, but as a gay person and with so much legitimate hate in this world, think you could find better use of words. Better yet, you could try to do as much good in the world as Drew Brees does, but doubt you would come close in a lifetime.

    1. Bravo Ivey Harris. I am a fan of Drew Brees & I love the Big Easy magazine. However, I feel with all the hate in the world, allow us to keep our heros like Drew. I don’t feel it necessary tear apart a good man for something that offends the Big Easy magazine . I really hope you keep on, keeping on. Simply ask yourself, why am I printing this?

    2. Wholeheartedly agree with you! Smearing a good man because he is a Christian is shameless. They should be so tolerant! Portraying Mr. Brees like this is a disgrace.

    3. Well said sir!

      I will never read one more word published by you guys. I won’t read bc I have a serious problem with supporting any outlet that chooses to attack and destroy a persons integrity and name that is known for being so generous and kind for their own agenda.

      I never heard drew apologize, as you suggested. Perhaps, you should try offering drew an apology and his entire WHODAT nation!

      If this was your attempt at making your wrong right …you failed miserably!

  4. You love all the attention your nothing publication is getting and ran the story hoping this would get you notice and give you some national cred.
    You don’t respect Drew as you say. As you have been brainwashed to believe someone is guilty till proven innocent if they dare have a different set of beliefs.You don’t respect anyone if you have a juicy story to publish. The headline Proves it!!

  5. You think that Newsweek, Business Insider, Yahoo News, ATT News are reputable news outlets/media…..ROFLMAO I don’t see this your “magazine” lasting much longer.

  6. To actually think that your organization deserves an apology is laughable,at best. Y’all are typical hateful “guilty before proven innocent” FAKE NEWS, and everything that is wrong with mainstream media. IT IS YOU THAT OWES HIM AN APOLOGY!!

  7. I have no problem with Drew being a Christian…. more power to him! I have no problem with his “bring a bible” to school day., What I DO have a problem with is his association with a group such as Focus on tthe Family. Speak for yourself, Drew… you don’t need a hateful group like that behind you.

  8. Aww man…I was really looking forward to this upcoming Saints season, but I have to say this whole episode (especially Drew’s reaction to it) is leaving a very bad taste in my mouth. Totally agree that any time you lend your voice and celebrity to a group that encourages hate and separation in society you are tacitly supporting them and are fully responsible for your actions. I personally don’t believe that Drew is a closed-minded person who supports anti-LGBTQ views or draconian practices like conversion therapy, but his defending his position so vehemently sure makes matters worse, and unfortunately for him will devalue his brand and public persona in the long run. My suggestion to him as fellow Christian brother is to stop being so defensive and stuck in your position and apologize for lending your support to a hate filled organization and going after a local, independent publication by calling it click bait. I’m afraid the window for apologizing may be closing and a lot of Saints fans are going to lose enthusiasm for him as a man and the Saints as a team. Please do the right thing Drew and make this situation right! God bless!

    1. You’re stupid! Drew did nothing wrong, he was encouraging children that if they believe, live out their faith… stop stoking this bs crap

        1. That’s so funny:…

          ” …he’s forcing his religion on the rest of us… It’s shameful and wrong.”

          It’s as if you don’t own a mirror.

  9. If you really don’t object to Drew Brees promoting kids bringing their bibles to school, then in good faith, why don’t you help him promote it? Focus on the Family is helping him do that.

    “Unashamedly Progressive” obviously means the only people that have religious liberty and freedom of speech are those who agree with your pro-LBGTQ beliefs.’s original article on this criticism of Drew Brees did not identify the source of the criticism. Their follow-up article with Drew Brews’s response did identify this publication.

    Your bigotry is appalling!

  10. “You accuse our publication of trying to get views with a negative headline, but if you truly believe that, then why would reputable national media outlets such as Newsweek, Business Insider, Yahoo News, ATT News and many more cover this story if it wasn’t nationally legitimate? ”

    Could you at least TRY to find legitimate reputable media outlets?

  11. He doesn’t need you to root for him. Nor do the saints need you to cover them- there’s 100s of local and national news media sources that cover the saints better than you do. And you certainly shouldn’t be given the chance to celebrate in any of his accomplishments- if you’re going to attack him go all in. Boycott the saints. Don’t you dare celebrate a Lombardi trophy should they get that far. I sure hope he doesn’t give New Orleans anything else- doesn’t seem like it deserves it. Hopefully they move the franchise when he leaves.
    Also, if you are using any smart phones, apple products, etc to promote your little blog or whatever this is, I’m assuming you are a huge advocate of slave labor, by association. What awful humans you are. I am disappointed you would support such hateful crimes against humanity.

  12. The whole problem is Drew Brees and his ilk forcing their particular brand of religion on the rest of us… It is shameful that pseudo christians try to instill their brand of religious dogma on the rest of the world…Especially at public schools where there are children from many different backgrounds and beliefs that go to those schools.. He would have been a non controversial hero if he had just promoted books as a whole for children… And urging children to bring a book to school to read in their spare time and promote a love of reading…a lost art in this current world.. Instead he had to make it about his brand of religion and force it on our youth of public schools. Shameful to the core.

  13. As a red-blooded American who believes in the separation of church and state, I find it appalling that Drew Brees would lend his considerable celebrity to an organization that says it “founded ‘Bring your Bible to School Day” to encourage students to bring their bibles to school as a right of their freedom of speech and freedom of religion.” The reason I find this appalling is that Christianity is the dominant religion in this country; children from other faiths would no doubt feel left out and marginalized by this “holiday.” It would be far more “Christian” if Brees were to back a different charity, one that were inclusive of all children. No doubt Brees has child fans who are Muslim, Sikh, or have no religion. It’s not fair to them to leave them to hang out to dry while the Christian kids get to have yet *another* holiday where their faith is elevated. Isn’t it enough that the Christian children have time off for the religious holidays they observe, while children of other faiths are obligated to attend school during their holy days?

    I would also like to address the idea of bringing bibles to school in the context of freedom of religion. Freedom of religion means that one is free to worship as one pleases in private. This does not mean one is free to worship in state institutions, i.e., public schools. If one wishes to bring one’s bible to school to read quietly, that is one’s prerogative. It is *not* one’s prerogative to make a “holiday” and a show of bringing one’s bible to school. FoF is on thin ice. The framers of the Constitution, who were *not* Christians but were in fact deists, would be disgusted.

    How would all these people defending this “holiday” feel if perhaps the Muslim American Society founded their own “holiday” where they encouraged Muslim children to bring their Qur’an to school as a right of their freedom of speech and freedom of religion? What if the Satanic Temple did so? Dollars to donuts the arguments for “freedom of religion” by the Christian coalition would dissipate.

  14. GOD FORBID a publication report a truth that is unflattering about such a sacred cow as a football player and a Christian one at that! Drew Bree’s stepped in it and he’s not showing character by choosing to attack the publication and playing the whining victim instead of doing the right thing and apologizing for his very poor judgement. I support your publication 100%

  15. Yes I believe Drew Brees was duped by FOTF. In my heart I am sure that if Drew had known about FOTF’s stance on the LGBTQ Community, he would never have aligned himself with them nor made a video for THEM. The content of the video is not in question. The message was good. However, I am sure FOTF is very happy to have someone as loved, upstanding, respected and renowned throughout America and the rest of the world as “DREW BREES” to align with them (even if he didnt know about their agenda) and make a video they can publish because Drew Brees’s name will lend them a note of legitimacy. Or they think it will. I am sure when Drew sits down, does some research and thinks about it he will denounce FOTF and offer a real apology to the LGBTQ community and to the rest of his fans. I still love Drew Brees and he is still “MY QUARTERBACK”. If Drew was not loved by us all so much, no one would have even said a word. Its just out of his character for Drew Brees to have aligned with FOTF.

  16. This letter illustrates the absurdity of the progressive social justice mob. Should people avoid aligning themselves with or patronizing any organization unless they 100% support every one of that organization’s beliefs? How many of our associations, memberships, and stores we frequent would survive such a standard? It’s ridiculous and a witch hunt mentality that will only self-destruct over time.

    Projecting all of Focus on the Family’s views back onto Brees is patently unfair, and reflects poorly on your ‘journalism.’ It is sheer laziness and is also not far from anti-Christian bigotry. The view that homosexuality is wrong is a deeply held belief for many people, and it is not unreasonable, despite your screed.

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