Dear Drew Brees: I Love You, But Your Apology Sucks

Drew Brees in a short Instagram video addressing recent media controversy around his association with Focus On The Family, an organization known for its anti-LGBTQ stance.

I’ve been a Saints fan for over a decade. I was never a big NFL fan, preferring watching my UVA Cavaliers snatch defeat from the jaws of victory year after year in the ACC. What turned me on to them was the culture around the Saints, and New Orleans itself.

When the Saints won the Super Bowl, I was surrounded by fans who didn’t care about race, color or creed when we were celebrating the win. New Orleans, the Saints, and Louisiana had a moment were they could all forget about the horrors of Hurricane Katrina. For just a little bit of time, people in the eastern wards could forget that they still had tarps on their roofs. Conservatives and liberals, black folks and white folks, it was come as you are in the party that is what the Big Easy is known for around the world.

So let’s move on to Drew Brees and Focus on the Family, and the video he produced for them. I have no issue with his religious views. I’m an avowed atheist and if he wanted to promote taking Bibles to school with any mainstream Christian organization, that’s his right. I don’t watch Saints’ games religiously to hear about who Drew thinks the universe comes from. I watch to see him throw passes with a skill that is surgical. I watch to see him lead improbable drives, and cringe when he throws embarrassing interceptions. Sorry, but even the best of all time make mistakes.

This is what you did, Drew. You threw a really bad interception and didn’t own up to it. The problem is that you probably knew that tossing in your lot with Focus on the Family was about as ill-advised as trying to throw a pass into triple coverage on Ben Watson, but you did it anyhow. Maybe someone called the wrong play, and you ran with it. I’d fire that person if that was the case.


I am going to remain a Saints fan, I’m going to continue watching the games with a few cold beers on a Sunday afternoon. But as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, Focus on the Family is the antithesis of what New Orleans is all about. It wasn’t long ago that the Big Easy and the Benson family welcomed the NBA All-Star game to the city with a rainbow spotlight on the tower. The reason why the game was moved to New Orleans is because North Carolina had passed an awful bill against transgender people.

New Orleans has Southern Decadence, the Red Dress Run, and many other events that James Dobson’s organization would be horrified by. This isn’t a Christian organization that just wants to promote sharing their beliefs in schools – even though it is an attempt to slide around the 1st Amendment. Focus on the Family is a group that I listened to as a kid growing up, and it is very anti-LGBT. It promotes “conversion therapy” that tries to make LGBT people “normal” again. This practice is already banned in a number of states, because it is bullshit.

Here’s what you can do to make it right: Disavow Focus on the Family, reassert that you love all Saints supporters regardless of identity – and then go win us another damn Super Bowl.

P.S. If you need a PR guy to avoid future media fumbles, I’m available.

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9 thoughts on “Dear Drew Brees: I Love You, But Your Apology Sucks

  1. What a douche.

    How dare You judge anyone, let alone and arguably one of the finest Men in the Country. A Husband, Dad and Citizen who goes out of his way to be nice to everyone.

    An Atheist? So what, why is the little nugget important to this conversation. It isn’t about You.

    Is there a group that You May have associated with that others may find offensive? Wait. Don’t tell me because it doesn’t matter. And neither do You.

  2. Drew, You owe no one over the ad. Just because a fag didn’t like it screw them. They hate that they CANNOT be a true and real Christian. They can only be Christiana in their small bb size brain. So don’t apologize!

  3. Who the Fuck does this Asshole thinks he is. Drew has the Absolute Right to support whoever or whatever he chooses. He also has the Absolute Right to tell you to Get Fucked. Sick of these Socialist Left Wing SJW punks trying to force their shit on others this is AMERICA.

  4. Ah, yes – these comments truly show exactly how accepting and forgiving “Christianity” is in 2019. I’m sure Jesus would be soooooooo proud.


  5. Drew Brees did a great job justifying himself as a proud Christian and a very humble man which will give his shirt off his back to anyone in need he doesn’t need to apologize but he did but the only one we Christians fear is God.. and we love a just and loving God who will never leave us or forsake us. So God bless Drew Brees and his family

  6. Wow…as someone earlier mentioned this is a perfect example of what christianity has come to mean. Vicious and full of venom. Drew may well be all of those great things some of you say he is but everyone makes mistakes as he certainly did here IF he is the kind of christian he claims to be. The kind he claims to be is incompatible with what focus on the family claims to be. It would be so simple for him to just stake his ground and let the chips fall where they may. But it’s his duplicity here that is the issue not his religious beliefs.

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