The Most Popular Jewelry Trends Of Today

Women, in general, love experimenting with fashion. We are always trying out new pieces that go best with our body types as well as our skin tones. Be it clothes, makeup, shoes, or even accessories. And in the accessory selection, we have jewelry that adds sparkle to our look. This analogy is evident through a simple social experiment, where a lady dressed in all black will receive different reactions when she is all bedazzled, and when she is not. Well, the opinions will differ depending on the accessory she chooses to wear, be it a silver heart necklace or a golden wedding band or chunky African earrings. In all these three scenarios, she will get different reactions; but at the end of the day, she will make a statement. From that, you may deduce that she is a lover of life, that she is a married woman, and from the third piece, that she is passionate about African pieces. In any scene, it is a statement.

Jewelry does add pizzaz to your outfit and does help you make a statement, and in this article, we shall discuss a few jewelry trends that are the most popular today.

Fabric Earrings


Fashion changes day in day out. And today it is no surprise to find a lady adorned with fabric made earrings. Such earrings have been in the market for quite a while now but have picked up in the past year. These earrings are found in different designs, shapes, sizes, and colors, and all bought to the preference of the wearer. Most fashionistas of today prefer color blocking these pieces to their outfits so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to find a lady in a blue dress matched up with orange or pink fabric earrings. As unorthodox as it may sound, the aesthetics turn out pretty great.

Mismatched Earrings

While we are still on the topic about earrings,  another trend that has made waves in the fashion world is the wearing off mismatched earrings. It may sound odd, but this trend looks good. The only condition while wearing mismatched earrings is that the earrings have a typical style to it. For example, both pieces may be golden or silver, but they do not resemble each other. One may be an arrow and the other a heart shape, one a circle and the other a square.

Beaded And Chunky African Pieces

The beauty with beads is that in their diversity in color and size, their combinations could produce more than a thousand designs. Each unique to the other. And it is for this reason that ladies all over the globe have developed a liking to this trend. Another uniqueness in these pieces is that they are available as necklaces, as bracelets, headpieces, rings, and even anklets.

This trend gained even more traction alongside the trend of women wearing their natural hairs as opposed to chemically relaxed hair. These pieces are believed by many to promote culture and the spirit of being grounded loved by women of all races and culture. It is now trendy to find an Indian woman adorned by an African bracelet on her wrist.

Tribal Midi-Rings

Inspired mainly by the bohemian tribes from the west, these mid-finger rings have become such a hit among the youth. As their name suggests, these rings differ from the conventional stone or plain bands as they are molded and shaped in tribalistic and geometrical shapes. These shapes may be a series of circles, an arrow, a peace sign, intertwining lines or even an animal silhouette. Tribal midi-rings are mostly worn as a collection, which means a lady would adorn all her fingers with these rings in different shapes and sizes, and the outcome would be a beautiful blend. Simply a work of art.

Branded Jewelry Pieces

Gucci.Versace. Both big brands, right? Well, do not be alarmed to see these and other branded jewelry pieces worn on peoples necks and hands. These pieces were favored initially by hip hop artists but have lately been appreciated by the youth as well. But with a twist. These pieces are now seen worn in more subtle ways such as belts, cute small earring pieces,  small purses and watches too.

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