Sophie B. Wright High School Principal Threatens Criminal Charges Against Students Involved in Senior Prank

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In a statement issued today, Sharon Clark, Principal of Sophie B. Wright High School said that criminal and civil actions are being considered against students who participated in a water fight at the school last Friday, April 5, 2019.

According to the statement, school property was sprayed with water and one restroom was “compromised” during what appears to be a water balloon and water gun fight carried out as a senior prank. Clark also says at least one teacher and one student were injured.

School administration was aware of the prank ahead of time and had warned students that the water fight was against school policy. Students were directed not to participate, with a warning that participation would result in their elimination from senior activities, including graduation.

“Sophie B. Wright High School does not tolerate any behavior that disrupts our community or creates an unsafe environment,” the statement reads. “Our policies are clearly defined and our students are constantly reminded that their actions have consequences.”


According to Clark, students involved in the prank may face civil or criminal charges as a result of the personal injuries and any damage to school property as a result of the prank.

“The investigations into the damage to people and property will continue and further criminal and civil actions will be determined. In the meantime, we want to remind our school community of the importance of adhering to our policies that emphasize safety to all people and property within our jurisdiction.”

Jenn Bentley is a writer and editor originally from Cadiz, Kentucky. Her writing has been featured in publications such as The Examiner, The High Tech Society, FansShare, Yahoo News, and others. When she’s not writing or editing, Jenn spends her time raising money for Extra Life and advocating for autism awareness.

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14 thoughts on “Sophie B. Wright High School Principal Threatens Criminal Charges Against Students Involved in Senior Prank

    1. Rules are rules just like laws if you break them you pay. Need to takr responsibility fir own actions..

  1. I live in Dallas but a Narive of New Orleans. I can not believe that not only did she take away moments that these kids will forever remeber but she is also threatening to press charges on them as well. This is awful. She should be ashamed of herself.

    1. This is why we as citizens of New Orleans voted for a a black women mayor that was Not from Louisiana ( Cantrell not Charbonaett) because so many of the black women from Louisiana, when you give them a little power it goes to their head. This is over kill! This principle must be a very miserable women to treat those precious teens that horrible way. She truly follows the Willie Lynch letter to the book. I know for a fact that a white principal never in a million years would every dream of treating her white nor black students that way. I would not sent a snake 🐍 to Sophie B. Wright School while she is in charge, and I do not like snakes. To the young people you deserve mercy, kindness and praise for your milestones!

  2. Absolutely a shame that “children” are being punished for being “children”. This should be against the law, who was hurt? How were they hurt if only water was involved? Could there possibly be a less harsh consequence? People in power positions nowadays have no, I MEAN NO sense of empathy or compassion for others. It’s almost disheartening, praying that these students are not ejected from an accomplishment that they have worked all of their childhood for, and now after one action that wasn’t appealing to the school administration, they will not be able to participate in what they have worked so hard for? ABSURD!

  3. Heaven forbid they follow the rules. This wasn’t a surprise. They were told the consequences of there actions. Now people were hurt and property was damaged. Some prank. I think they got off easy.

  4. Well, Supacent is from New Orleans and she’s said that if the punishment remains she is open to throwing a graduation ceremony for these students. I support her 100% and I’m sure these kids would prefer hers to these miserly principals’. This is what happens when the community won’t tomerate criminalizing our children and excessive punishment. Taking away graduation is unacceptable and please don’t think for a second that folks will take that lying down.

  5. My suggestion would be that the kids involved would have had to clean up the mess, do community service at the school and pay for the damages caused as well as a couple of days suspension. This would be the consequences for their actions. Doesn’t warrant jail time.

    1. You don’t get to choose the punishment that is most convenient when you deliberately violate a rule or do something you are told you must never do.

      Those injured people didn’t get to choose to avoid injury. The janitors who had to clean up the mustard, eggs, water damage, etc. didn’t get extra pay and didn’t ask for their work situation to be made worse. The students who lost instructional time don’t get compensated back for their wasted time. The staff having to manage all of this don’t get consideration.

      Don’t like the punishment, don’t do the crime.

      1. An autistic child lost his prosthetic leg! He was trampled because of this. This is disgusting that ppl think the discipline is to harsh. They deserve criminal charges.

  6. This is an outrage and I think the punishment is too severe. I believe the so-called damages were exaggerated to justify her reactions to the prank. Anyone that can not understand senior pranks and activities such as senior skip day which the principal denied and threaten to call truancy for the students, is miserable. She did not believe the parents would come out in support of their children. She thought they would just swallow this injustice like all of the others perpetrated by her against these students.

  7. The punishment is harsh, but rules are rules. They were warned and it wasn’t taken serious. In life, sometimes you only get 1 chance. Sad all around.

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