Driving or Parking in Bike Lanes Now Costs $300

Photo courtesy of Jake Cvnningham

The New Orleans City Council approved increased fines for driving or parking in bike lanes. What used to cost $40 will now incur an initial penalty of $300. If that ticket goes unpaid for more than 30 days, the fine goes up to $500.

The ordinance was introduced after dozens of cyclists attended the March 15th meeting and shared their stories. The meeting was held specifically to address improving bike infrastructure and safety after two cyclists were killed on March 2 on Esplanade Ave. An alleged drunk driver veered into an unprotected bike lane during the Endimyon parade and struck two groups of cyclists.

City Councilwoman Kristin Giselson Palmer called for the city to begin stricter enforcement and train city parking authority officers to write more bike lane citations. Earlier this week, Deputy Police Chief Paul Noel told the city council that New Orleans Police Department officers are participating in a bicycle safety and enforcement training program that includes putting NOPD officers on bikes.

Most of the bike lanes in the city are unprotected, making it easy for vehicles to veer into the lanes. This can force bicyclists into traffic.


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5 thoughts on “Driving or Parking in Bike Lanes Now Costs $300

  1. I hope everyone drives more carefully. If drivers were more careful , there wouldn’t be a need for ” protected ” bike lanes.
    I believe everyone should be riding a bicycle by the time they are 12, and have four years of experience on the roads by the time they get a car. And if if keep riding a bike, your legs, heart, and lungs get stronger. Cyclists reach their peak when they are 28.
    It seems a small percentage of drivers are flouting the laws, and operate their vehicles as if they have no fear of handcuffs , jail cells , or having their car impounded . We live in a civilized society , cars are not for barbarians .

      1. What about all the bikers who ride in the same lane as the cars and those riding in the opposite direction of traffic. I understand the need to protect the lane however it comes across as if the bikers are all law abiding to their rules and that’s so far from the truth.

  2. This may be useless. I use Esplanade to get to work and I see this happen from city park all the way to the quarter. Last week while passing the school, a woman was parked in the bike lane with parking space available at the curb. I stopped and politely told her she was forcing cyclists into traffic at a busy time of day. She simply rolled up her window and ignored me. Most people here couldn’t care less about cyclist safety if you ask me. I’m also aware that many cyclists don’t follow the rules either but that’s no excuse for cars to ignore the rule too.

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