Roger Goodell Never Considered Invoking Rule 17

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In his State of the NFL address today, Roger Goodell finally spoke personally on the no-call that many feel cost the Saints the NFC Championship and a trip to the Super Bowl.

“We understand the frustration they feel,” Goodell said of Saints fans, players, and coaches. “Whenever the officiating is part of a discussion, it’s not a good thing.” However, Goodell went on to say that the officials are human.

He also sidestepped questions of whether the blown call tainted the Super Bowl, saying only, “We are proud to have the Patriots and Rams here.”

Multiple lawsuits have been filed against the NFL since the Saints loss of the NFC Championship. However, in a New Orleans’ federal court on Monday, New Orleans-based NFL lawyer Gladstone Jones stated that the NFL has never invoked Rule 17, and argued that the rule does not apply calls made by referees during a game.


When asked, Goodell stated that he “absolutely did not” even consider using his power as NFL Commissioner to overrule the controversial call, in spite of the fact that the NFL has admitted that the call was blown.


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3 thoughts on “Roger Goodell Never Considered Invoking Rule 17

  1. this dispicable no credibility pos of a commissioner has to go we need to protest & petition his dismissal asap !!!

    1. 1000% agree with you Shannon!!! Who Dat!! Get rid of The Refs and The Coward Roger The Dodger and let’s put some faith back into The NFL!! If they stay then there’s no trust, look at what they’re getting away with right now!!! They’re all thieves, cowards, and liars with heavily lined pockets right now!!! They have to GO!! We need to put HONESTY and INTEGRITY back into this game, and THEY are far away from that definition!!!!! They can not and will not ever be trusted again!!! How can The NFL allow this to keep happening?!?!! Get them OUT!!!

  2. This is exactly what I expected him to say only because he’s the true definition of a COWARD!! The lies and betrayal against the New Orleans Saints Team and ALL of The Who Dat Nation just keep spewing out of his mouth like the snake that he is! It’s time for Roger The Dodger to GO!!!!! He blatantly stood up there at the podium and LIED to ALL of us and will we let him get away with this again!! Come on WHO DATS let’s do what WE have to do and stand behind our Black and Gold and prove to THEM that WE love and respect them as OUR TEAM just like they proved to us with their commitment and dedication to this game, their fans, and the whole NFL League that they do belong in this SuperBowl ( which we all seen , those with two eyes 👀, that is ) Let’s take action against this fake and phony criminal and get him out of there where another team doesn’t have to go through this heart break like we are!!! It’s NOT fair to have to accept what we were dealt and with absolutely NOTHING we as The FANS can do about it!!! We should also get a vote to whether The Slithering Snake stays or goes since WE ( The Fans) are just as important to the game! I am livid with this whole situation and I WILL NOT watch another football game unless it’s my Saints!!! I will not participate in anymore of this organization full of lies and betrayal except to show my faith and dedication to MY TEAM!! Who Dat!!!

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