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Lynda Woolard: Proud Louisiana Democrat and Leader

Lynda Woolard. A familiar name among Louisiana Democrats. Lynda worked with the 2008 Obama presidential campaign and the Obama administration, and she has also spent time within the Louisiana Democratic Party and the Transition Team for Gov. John Bel Edwards.

In her interview with Big Easy Magazine, Lynda presents the case for why the Democratic Party is a body for change within the United States. During the September 2018 interview, she discussed many topics in depth.  These include:

  • Lynda’s experience working in government
  • Democrats vs. Republicans and the “Coalition of the Decent”
  • Louisiana Democrats and the upcoming midterm election

Lynda’s message is one of hope.  Her message is one of working to move forwards as a more unified Democratic party through the midterm elections and beyond.  It is a message of ethics, American values, and most importantly, action.

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