What to do in New Orleans: A Series Pt. 3 – Music City

There is so much going in in NOLA this weekend (of 06/15/18) that it can be almost overwhelming.  This is the third edition of a weekly series in which we here at Big Easy Magazine give suggestions on fun ways to spend a day, evening or afternoon in our beloved city.  So let’s begin!  What’s a good way to spend a weekend in New Orleans, or more specifically, what’s the best way to spend the weekend of June 15th in the city of New Orleans?

New Orleans is a city known for its music.  Some feel that it is truly the birthplace, or at least the formative-growing place of American Jazz music.  So going to see jazz music all over town may seem like an obvious choice on what to do with one’s evening.  There are also many other unique local concerts happening this (and every) weekend that are worth checking out, many of which are free, or have nominal covers.  In order not to get wrapped up in the overwhelming number of shows happening this weekend, we’ll just focus on a couple venues worth checking out.

One place that is absolutely worth your time, although at first glance may seem like a touristy idea, is to go to the National World War 2 Museum.  This museum won the 2017 trip advisor award for the #2 museum in the entire world!  Of course it is a meaningful museum that one could spend days in, but what it is also known for, especially locally, is the incredible live music that they have often.  The Canteen at the World War 2 Museum is a venue in which live shows and live music are held.  To enter the Canteen for a show, you’ll feel like you stepped backwards in time, so for history and music buffs alike, it is a must.  You can find more information about this venue, right on Magazine Street in the Central Business District, here!  This weekend there are multiple events happening at the Canteen.  Every Wednesday, including this upcoming one, June 20th, there is a Best of Sinatra Concert that is out of this world.  This coming weekend, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday there is a musical called Nunsense that is a hilarious spoof about a group of nuns trying to raise money for a funeral caused by an accidental poisoning.  You can read more and buy tickets here!

If you want to mix great food and great music, there is a world famous event every Sunday called the Gospel Brunch over at the House of Blues on Decatur Street.  Find more information and tickets for this delicious event here!


Another venue worth mentioning is the Maple Leaf Bar on Oak Street.  This Friday, the 15th, there is a fantastic show for ten dollars called Brass Lightening at 10pm.  The Joe Crown Trio, featuring Walter “Wolfman” Washington is playing Sunday the 17th at 10pm, also for ten dollars.  Check out more info on the Maple leaf and their upcoming shows here!

No matter where you decide to catch live music or a musical this weekend, don’t forget to tip your bartender and drink lots of water.  Be sure to check our Events section for more suggestions and information on upcoming shows.

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