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Immigration Office
1250 Poydras St. Ste. 325 New Orleans, LA 70113
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19 Jul 2019


1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Our Silence is Violence

Give NOLA ICE The Silent Treatment.
Shame on our neighbors who work for I.C.E in New Orleans, an agency that is in blatant violation of its own policies, human rights, and neighborly decency.

We will stand in silence with banners and signs of shame outside the ICE offices on the day of the Lights For Liberty Vigil, during ICE employee working hours, to remind them there is blood on their paychecks.

–Calling on the resignation of New Orleanean George Lund III, Acting Field Officer or New Orleans ICE, guilty of illegal detention of Asylum Seekers, violation of ICE policies, and State-sanctioned cruelty.


–Encouraging our neighbors who work for ICE to seek alternate employment. Their labor is required for the continued abuses of their boss. No labor, no ICE.

This is a silent protest for two reasons, and in response to advisements from people working in direct action with asylum seekers in danger and in detention:

1. We do not want to cause further anxiety or a sense of danger to the asylum seekers who may be entering and exiting the building.

2. We want to be a mirror to the employees entering and exiting the building, and use powerful visual art to speak to their hearts and souls, since they have clearly lost their minds.

* It is critical that during this action we do not disrupt asylum seekers entering the building, or cause the building to be shut down which could delay “processing” of asylum seekers. We want to shut ICE down FOREVER, not just for a day.

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