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3718 St Claude Ave, New Orleans, Louisiana 70117
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01 Aug 2019


6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Laptop Party! Mapping the Impacts of Fossil Fuel Funding

The oil and gas industry is funding the arts, but does the money come from endangering our coast and climate? Come hang out with Healthy Gulf and learn how to research oil companies’ impact to our environment. We’ll be working on a project mapping sites of fossil fuel extraction and researching permits that are out of compliance with Louisiana regulations.

At this event, we’ll be volunteering our time by entering data into spreadsheets while holding conversations about how to engage with environmental issues as artists. Attendees should bring a laptop*. Refreshments will be served!

*If you plan to attend, but don’t have access to a laptop, email amanda@antenna.works


Image by Ana Hernandez, from the series “Altering Internal Landscapes: In pursuit of unearthing bodies of Energy”

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