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29 Aug 2019


6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Discussion and Signing with Kate Lacour Thursday, August 29th at 6 pm


Join us on Thursday, August 29th at 6 pm for a discussion and signing of Kate Lacour’s latest graphic novel, Vivisectionary. Kate will be discussing her inspirations with a visual presentation accompanied by cello music performed by Rudi Meunier, followed by a book signing. The books will come with limited edition bookmark printed through Antenna’s Paper machine.

Kate Lacour’s Vivisectionary is a boundlessly inventive feast of single page sequential images that illustrates marvelous, hideous, enigmatic physiological mysteries—a visual guide to the intimate workings of impossible biologies, told through a series of scientific diagrams and tableaux. The coldness of scientific charts alternates with raw and intimate imagery, exploring a world where hummingbirds can be parasites, where feces can be transformed into brain tissue or gemstones. Part comic art, part textbook, Vivisectionary blends sex, religion, science, and body horror, with an eye to the sublime and the grotesque.

Kate Lacour is a New Orleans based artist whose comics have appeared in Antigravity, The Comics Journal, Study Group, and MUTHA. Her background in biology informs her sequential art, which focuses on themes of anatomy, transformation, religion, and body horror. She is the winner of a 2016 Museum of Comics and Cartoon Art award of excellence and a Best American Comics notable artist.

Blue Cypress Books

8126 Oak Street
New Orleans, LA  70118


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