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1250 Poydras Plaza


1250 Poydras Plaza
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12 Aug 2019


2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

86 ICE: Encourage ICE Employees to Quit Their Jobs

Demand the removal of ICE Director George LundIII, who is committing crimes against humanity.

Remind ICE employees they are accomplices in these crimes, and can follow the lead of ICE employees around the country who refuse a job description that includes “tyranny.”

Anyone can do it!
Silence is violence. This is an invitation to stand with every day New Orleanians to Crush Ice with our Silence.


> We do not engage in education or conversation with passers-by or talk to them about what we think
> We do not engage with agitator manbabies
> We stand in silence and let our signs speak for themselves
> We have flyers that let people know what we are about and how to get involved
> We do not do anything that will cause more anxiety for asylum seekers entering the building.

We will stand outside ICE offices with a banner reminding ICE employees there is blood on their paychecks.

Our actions are 2 hours. Join us for as long as you like.
Our only requirement is that you stand in silence.

Be you.
Some of us choose to wear our work attire or aprons.
Some of us choose red and white.
Some of us wear red gloves, or paint our hands red to represent the blood on the hands of ICE Employees.
Others tape our mouths shut, reflecting the violence inflicted by the silence of New Orleans residents about the terror ICE is causing in our communities.
We encourage the use of creative costuming to speak to the consciousness of the regular people collecting a paycheck for aggression against our neighbors and co-workers.

If you believe in the “Be Nice or Leave” motto of New Orleans, and are willing to stand in silence to call out George Lund and those doing his bidding, JOIN US!

Our goal is to be there daily. If you or your community (faith-based, yoga studio, group of friends, service workers) would like to organize a day for your group specifically, message us.


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