Neaux Reel Idea (Special Edition): Django Unchained and Blowing Up the Oppressors

With Quentin Tarantino’s latest and 9th feature film, Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood, releasing later this month, I thought this might be a good time to revisit a portion of his locally shot Southern epic, Django Unchained. For years, the finale of this movie about an ex-slave in the days before the Civil War […]

Neaux Reel Idea: Hallowed Ground Review

I normally don’t factor in the crowdfunding campaign when reviewing a movie, but in the case of the Mississippi shot Hallowed Ground, I feel it’s a good place to start. According to IndieGoGo, the film only raised $454 of its $50K goal, something that would severely depress and discourage any filmmaker. Not Miles Doleac, actor, […]

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