New Orleans Landlord Andrew Severino Tells Tenant She Shouldn’t Feel Safe After Calling Her the N-Word

picture of Slumlord Andrew Severino

Previously Big Easy Magazine recounted how Andrew Severino, a New Orleans slumlord, acted callously and aggressively towards tenants who lost their jobs due to the pandemic, cursing them out over the phone for minor matters. 

When one tenant posted a screenshot of him calling her “fat” after she tried to get him to go through with a rent reduction he previously promised, he fired back, “You are not a decent human. Pack your shit up and get the fuck out. You have 72 hours.” He was notified that he legally couldn’t evict her but shrugged off the warning. 

Recently, Severino verbally attacked a potential renter, Jade LaRocha. She had committed to renting one of his properties; however, she felt uncomfortable due to his aggressive tone and felt unsafe renting from him. Consequently, she pulled out of the lease agreement. She had already sent a deposit, which she said Severino could keep, but he still responded angrily to her call. 


Severino called LaRocha a “N****r Bitch” at which point she started to record the call. 

When confronted with the fact that he called her the n-word he responded, “I don’t care, I’ll call you whatever the fuck I want.” 

He then continued to threaten her, going on a rant about how she was “stealing his time” by calling him, finishing with the pronouncement, “I fucking hate you, like, I fucking hate you, I thought you were a nice person. I told my partner I don’t like you, I fucking hate you, you’re a piece of fucking trash, garbage, fucking god-ass whore.”

LaRocha responded to his rant, “I don’t feel safe, I don’t feel safe around you.” 

To which he responded, “Good, you shouldn’t because you’re stealing from me.”

She countered that she wasn’t stealing for him, she actually gave him a deposit, to which he responded “You’re not getting it back.”

She reiterated, “ I don’t want it back Andrew.”

He finished the call with “Fuck you bitch, taking another call, go fuck yourself.” 

The damning video provides evidence of his abusive language and confirmation that he used the n-word. While Severino may be one of the worst slumlords in New Orleans, he’s not alone.

There are numerous individuals, like Joshua Bruno, who work as slumlords, taking advantage of their renters in any way possible, and generally acting like their above reprimanding. 

The power trips need to end. Just because you have a kingdom of shotgun homes and apartments doesn’t make you royalty, and sure as hell doesn’t allow you to call other human being racist and deragatory slurs. 

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6 thoughts on “New Orleans Landlord Andrew Severino Tells Tenant She Shouldn’t Feel Safe After Calling Her the N-Word

  1. Landlords are the one group that is being made to carry people who can’t pay their bills. No other group is – you can’t walk into a grocery store and get free food, can’t get free medical coverage, can’t get your car or gas free etc. But the government has illegally directed private landlords to give housing for free. I m sure government housing units aren’t being run for free.
    The stimulus should have been in the form of a housing voucher, not to be used for whatever.
    This decision by government has created undue stress on property owners who have loss thousands of dollars and many will have to sell their properties.

    This is all the governments fault for being inept !

    1. I would have more sympathy for Marie Antoinette if she showed up and complained about all the cake she had to eat, buddy. Landlords make their money by exploiting people in worse situations than them. In a time like this, if you want to live in a society instead of utter wretchedness, the most privileged need to give up some resources to the less privileged. Instead, people like you just want to find excuses to blame them.

      Oh, and by the way, the “whatever” you’re talking about as you’re whining about the vouchers? The rest of us call refer to “whatever” as “food and supplies,” because compared to EVERY OTHER DEVELOPED COUNTRY ON EARTH, the United States has no real safety net at all. These are not “lazy people” having these issues, they are normal people having misfortunes. You already got to exploit them; you give something back for once, and the slumlords doubly so.

  2. the comment by Joe does not reflect the true nature of the story but what it does reflect is an individual who definitely has some issues. Treating people with decency and kindness has nothing to do in of the pandemic or the situations landlords are facing.

  3. What? None of the people who first responded to this article took any exception to him using that nasty slur? All I heard was a bunch of blah blah blah about so-called free rent. The rent is only deferred it’s not forgiven. I hope this piece of trash ends up in an integrated prison.

    1. Yes it is frustrating when people waste landlords or any business owner time. No doubt but NEVER to the point to this. Being racist, slurs, “I hate you” and all this cursing and anger only tells me that this landlord is not a good one and quite disrespectful. This hurt other landlords that are trying to do good with their tenants.
      Joe’s comment is irrelevant unless he is saying that because of gov pressured landlords, landlords acting this way?! If so, I dont think there is any excuse for any landlords to act this way. Unprofessional, unethical, racist, degrading.

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