The Status of Online Gambling in Louisiana – Present and Future



There is a long history of gambling in Louisiana, you may say. After all, French settlers built casino-style entertainment venues in the region even before they erected any churches. Attempts have been made to outlaw gambling in its various guises for the past 200 years, but those have been largely rebuffed and bettors can still get their game on in the Bayou State. The laws are less forgiving as they relate to online casinos in Louisiana, however. Online gambling is not only prohibited but also criminalized and those convicted for online gaming face hefty fines and even stints in prison. Louisiana natives can place bets on horses, play slots and classic table games at licensed casinos, and enter lotteries and poker tournaments, but they may not do any of this via the internet. So, while Louisiana online gambling may be some way off, the land-based betting industry has largely enjoyed relaxed conditions, dating back nearly 300 years in this corner of the United States. And if it becomes legalized you can visit the online casino at Monster Casino and play their thrilling and exciting games.


In present times, Louisiana is now taking another major step. Lawmakers have increasingly stressed the need for sports betting to stay competitive with neighbouring states, and voters in November 2020 will vote in all parishes on sports betting referendums. Knowing that there exists no legalized, regulated online casino network within the state of Louisiana, the next most logical question is if it will ever happen. Though there have been some talks regarding the establishment of online casinos in the state, those talks have been little more than that.

Legal Status of Online Casinos & Gambling in Louisiana

Unlike many other states in the U.S., Louisiana does have laws that may lead one to believe that participating in gambling for real money online might cause you some trouble. This is a valid fear, but the letter of the law is written in such a way that those operating online casinos will be placed behind bars. This means that the average player should not worry about having trouble playing a hand of real blackjack money online. They should not let any form of real money gambling happen to them in fear of their freedom. Up to this point in time, not a single person has even come close to being prosecuted or jailed for playing casino games.

What is the current status?

It does not appear at the present moment in time that Louisiana state lawmakers are considering the establishment of an intrastate online casino network anytime soon. While we wait for an intrastate network to be created, players can still enjoy a wide variety of reputable, trustworthy casinos at which they can play their favourite games. In addition to simply being able to play on a computer, residents will also find that many of the preexistent online casinos offer a mobile gaming platform as well.

When is Louisiana expected to legalize online gambling?

Like many other states, online casino gambling in Louisiana is on the back burner or not even in play, in part due to the emphasis of legal sports betting, which continues to become more mainstream. Many Louisiana parishes will approve sports gambling and lawmakers will subsequently write rules for implementation. After that, state lawmakers who see a need to raise additional tax revenue might eventually consider online casino gambling legislation, but that appears to be several years down the road.

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