Big Easy is Hosting a Bayou (House) Boogaloo Photo Contest

The 15th annual The Bayou Boogaloo festival was supposed to set up shop along Bayou St. John this weekend, but of course, it too will have to wait to have its proper celebration until next year.

The timely celebration usually draws thousands of people along the historic bayou in MidCity with its array of local musicians, artists and food.  What makes Bayou Boogaloo so special is being able to take advantage of the bayou to enjoy the festival from a kayak, raft or in many cases, DIY rafts. That’s what I will miss most, seeing the creativity our community comes up with every year for Bayou Boogaloo.

It is for this reason that Big Easy Magazine has decided to host our Bayou (House) Boogaloo photo contest! We want to see all that creativity we get every year out there on Bayou St. John, but from the comfort of Bayou House! Post your at-home Boogaloo pictures on our Facebook event page and we will pick our top 3 favorites. First will receive a $ 15 gift card, second will receive a $10 and third $5 gift card. Enter online at our Facebook event page. All submissions will be accepted until 7pm, Sunday May 15, when the winners will be chosen.


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