The Escape Game Offers the Escape Room Experience in the Comfort of Home

Local business, The Escape Game, is trying to provide the exciting escape room experience that you can expect from them, but with at-home and digital options to utilize during the quarantine.

The Escape Game Unlocked: The Heist Volume 1: Chasing Hahn

The Escape Game has developed two innovative games for families to play together at home. One of those games is a digital game called TEG Unlocked: The Heist Volume 1: Chasing Hahn. In this at-home adventure, you use digital clues and an online dashboard to chase down notorious art thief, Vincent Hahn.
-TEG Unlocked features include:
-Once you receive your activation code, you will log in to the TEG Unlocked dashboard website to receive your mission.
-You’ll use what you find in digital zip folder and information on the web to progress through the adventure.
-Find clues and solve puzzles to uncover the truth and complete your mission.

TEG Unlocked: The Heist Volume 1: Chasing Hahn is recommended for people 12 years and older due to difficulty level, but is appropriate for all age groups.


Escape from Iron Gate

For those of you who enjoy tangible entertainment, The Escape Game has also introduced a board game called Escape From Iron Gate Board Game. The board game is available on Amazon where it received the honor of #1 Best New Game. This party game is loosely based on The Escape Game’s Prison Break escape room and it is a ton of fun. Escape from the Iron Gate game features include:
-3-8 Players
-45-60 Minute Game Time
-Ages 13+
-Unlimited Replayability

Interested in Becoming an Affiliate?

To sell TEG Unlocked: The Heist Volume 1: Chasing Hahn. TEG is offering $3 per sale ($10 retail). Setting up an account is quick and easy at As an affiliate, there is no need to worry about running out of the game since it is all digital!

For those of you interested in selling Escape From Iron Gate Board Game, you will need to sign up for the Amazon Affiliate Program here: It’s super quick and easy, and you’ll have a tracked link to post in a few minutes.

If you would like to contact The Escape Game, check out their website here.

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