Progressive’s Weekend: Things to Do in New Orleans for 2/21 – 2/23

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Mardi Gras 2020 fever is spreading across the city, the metro area, and the entire region, as Fat Tuesday quickly and swiftly approaches. Never being ones to “Debbie downer” any local festivities, we at Big Easy Magazine have found some weekend events – some “deep” into Mardi Gras season, some alternative to it – that everyone ought to consider attending.

Welcome, to The Progressive’s Weekend for February 21st to February 23rd, 2020!:


Parasite: Black & White showing at The Prytania Theatre until 2/26


Fresh off its many victories at the Academy Awards (Best International Film, Best Original Screenplay, Best Director, and Best Picture), and recently annoying President TrumpParasite has extended and expanded its theatrical release, playing in theaters everywhere, including our own single-screen neighborhood cinema, The Prytania. If you missed the original version late last year, you’re in for a treat, as we get to view an official black & white cut of the film! Not unlike when Mad Max: Fury Road did a “Black & Chrome” home release, this colorless variation will only heighten the grand performances, the clever con-artist scenario, and the shocking twists that take place, by stripping away the distraction of color. Parasite is held in such high regard, so nab a ticket asap!

– The Call of the Wild begins showtimes 2/21 at The Broad Theater

Mr. Cool himself, a veteran actor of awesomeness, Harrison Ford, stars in this 20th Century Studios/Disney adaptation of the classic Jack London novel of the same name. An adventure of self-discovery for both man and man’s best friend, set in the Yukon, The Call of the Wild might appear to be a sappy-ish inspiration-sploitation flick on the surface, but it has a hook: Harrison Ford acts alongside a performance captured, computer-animated dog! The behind the scenes footage is fascinating by itself, with an actor kneeling on all fours beside Han Solo, decked in a skin-tight and dot-covered outfit. It’s a bit absurd and a bit too much effort to not cast a trained canine, but I’d be willing to bet that moviegoers will check this out not just out of snarky curiosity, but maybe to be surprised by what could be a heartwarming tale. Go, and you shall see!


Biz Markie Gras! After the Parades at the House of Blues on 2/22

Roughly thirty plus years into his beat-boxing hip-hop career, Biz “Just a Friend” Markie comes to New Orleans for a late-night concert for those in need of post-parade rhymes! Doors open at 11 PM, so plan ahead, plan wisely, and dress for the occasion – we assume costumes are welcome, or at least they should be…

Gay Mardi Gras from 2/20 – Fat Tuesday at 801 Bourbon St.

Billed as being “second only to Southern Decadence”, Gay Mardi Gras is happening once again! Hosted at Bourbon Pub (one of Gay Travel dot com’s top ten gay bars worldwide), upcoming events will include drag shows, various DJ’s, and Glam Squad by Lipstixx on Lundi Gras. Get pumped and get out there!


As always: Stay safe, stay responsible, have fun, and let the good times roll!

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