New Orleans City Council to Present Resolution Condemning Abortion Ban

In response to the “heartbeat” abortion ban that Democrat Governor John Bel Edwards signed on May 30th, New Orleans City Council members Jason Williams and Helena Moreno will introduce a resolution at the June 6th regular meeting, condemning the signage of the bill.

The ban – one of the strictest in the nation – prevents abortion access once the “electronic pulsing” of the eventual heartbeat has been detected by ultrasound. Cases of rape and incest are not exempt, following other similar legislative acts from across the country.

Councilwoman Helena Moreno is quoted as saying:

“This dangerous abortion ban will not prevent abortion, but it will trample on women’s rights, their agency, and their health care. We do have to prevent unplanned pregnancies – through comprehensive sex education and broad access to birth control, not a heartless ban that doesn’t even provide any exceptions for rape or incest.”


The new restriction is expected to be fought in the courts.

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3 thoughts on “New Orleans City Council to Present Resolution Condemning Abortion Ban

  1. Why doesn’t the NEW ORLEANS City Council DO THEIR JOB and BAN POTHOLES!!
    With all that needs to get done in this town how do they(COUNCIL) have time for this type of issue???
    I say the the City Council, “Get BACK TO WORK”!

    1. Tell State and Federal Politics to stay out of my uterus and restore my rights as a woman, Peter. Why don’t you do your job and educate yourself?

    2. Thank you, Peter N. What is the purpose of this Resolution? It is a state and federal matter. Why is New Orleans City Council, spending any time and effort on a matter over which they have no jurisdiction. If they don’t like the state abortion ban, then they should write to the and legislators.
      Meanwhile, they are ignoring urgent city issues over which they do have jurisdiction!

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