Progressive Lifestyle: Green Light New Orleans Block Party

Green Light New Orleans, a nonprofit organization working towards a greener future, is hosting a Spring Block Party on Saturday, May 11 from 1:00-4:00 PM. The festivities will take place at the Fidelity Bank branch at 1201 S. Carrollton Ave (at the corner of Oak St.) and will feature complimentary food and drinks, as well as fun for the whole family.

“Most people know Green Light for our energy efficient light bulbs, and we’re proud to have given away more than 600,000 of them. We saw so much success with light bulbs, that we have expanded our programs to include backyard gardens and rain barrels. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to re-introduce ourselves to our community, and to make new friends,” said Founder and Executive Director Andreas Hoffman.

As New Orleans addresses stormwater management through new policies and infrastructure improvements, Green Light helps property owners do their part by making rain barrels affordable for everyone. Rain barrels keep stormwater out of our city’s overworked drainage system and reduce the chances of subsidence and street flooding. Green Light’s staff and volunteers provide the barrel, all necessary materials, and installation, and the homeowner pays a share of the cost, which is based on their household income.


“By making its programs available to all New Orleanians, Green Light New Orleans is making the kind of investment that Fidelity Bank is proud to get behind,” said Fidelity Manager Branch and Green Light Board Member Herb Smith. “Fidelity Bank is here for good, and we’re happy to support Green Light and host this event at our branch.”

A staple of Green Light New Orleans’ rain barrel program is the public art component, whereby each rain barrel is hand-painted by New Orleans artists and volunteers. Green Light’s Board Chair Rebecca Madura is a local artist who has painted many of the barrels that now collect water across the city. Madura will be painting a barrel at the May 11 event, and guests of all ages will be invited to make their mark.

In addition to the rain barrel painting, the Block Party will feature a menu of burgers and hot dogs—served on biodegradable plates—and a variety of soft drinks. Green Light will provide demonstrations of a working rain barrel and ensure that all guests leave armed with the knowledge of water issues in our community. For those looking to bring water management home with them, Green Light will be raffling a rain barrel.

More information about the event can be found on the eventbrite page, and more information about Green Light New Orleans can be found at Green Light New Orleans appreciates the support offered by Fidelity Bank in hosting the May 11 event, as well as the ongoing support from Entergy and the Greater New Orleans Foundation.

About Green Light New Orleans

Green Light New Orleans was founded in 2006 to assist in the sustainable rebuilding of New Orleans. After providing more than 27,000 households with 600,000 energy efficient light bulbs—at no cost to the household—Green Light continues towards a greener future for its community with backyard garden and rain barrel programs. Green Light New Orleans pushes for a greener New Orleans. One household at a time.

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