New Orleans Rap Artist Arrested For Sending Child To School in a Rideshare

Image via GameOva Reedy Soundcloud

Local rap artist Reiona Oliver, aka “GameOva Reedy” was arrested on Tuesday after she tried to send her 5-year-old child to school in a rideshare vehicle.

According to the St. Bernard Sheriff’s Office, Oliver was booked on charges of child desertion after she put her child in the rideshare at a residence in Chalmette and instructed the driver to take the child to her school in New Orleans.

However, instead of taking the child to school, the driver drove to the Sherriff’s Office substation in Arabi, where he told police he couldn’t take the child unaccompanied by an adult.

According to the driver, when he arrived to pick up his passenger, Oliver placed her child in the vehicle and informed him that she wouldn’t be riding along. He stated that he told Oliver he couldn’t take the child without an adult riding along, but said that she went back into the residence.

Oliver has said that the driver charged her for the ride, and if he couldn’t take the child, he shouldn’t have left her residence.  “If you felt that way you should have never pulled off you should’ve called the police in front of me,” Oliver said in an Instagram post. She also stated in a video that she wasn’t feeling well, and had been told that it would be OK for her to use the Lyft service to send her child to school.

Oliver now faces the possibility of up to six months in prison if she is found guilty of the child desertion charge.

Sources say that Oliver has made bond and is back home.

Jenn Bentley is a writer and editor originally from Cadiz, Kentucky. Her writing has been featured in publications such as The Examiner, The High Tech Society, FansShare, Yahoo News, and others. When she’s not writing or editing, Jenn spends her time raising money for Extra Life and advocating for autism awareness.

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13 thoughts on “New Orleans Rap Artist Arrested For Sending Child To School in a Rideshare

  1. Don’t know the specifics of Rideshare, and its apparent the mother done this before, so, we’ll see how this play out.

  2. Agree with the mom that rideshare operator should have told her he couldn’t transport an unaccompanied minor. Not sure how the charges will stick when parents can send unaccompanied minors across the country on airlines. Yes, airlines may assign a crew member to look out for the child, but how is that different than the rideshare operator being responsible for the duration of the trip? How is it desertion to place your child into someone else’s care for a short period of time?

    1. Well on an airplane the child is in an enclosed capsule in the air for many hours, has a identification tag usually around their neck stating they are an unaccompanied minor and can not leave secure areas with out airport staff of their legal guardian listed on the airports contact list for the unaccompanied minor. sending a child in a car with a comply stranger has stupid written all over it. Especially in a ride share. The ride share operator could be a child predictor. If you care so little for your child hire a nanny or sitter and have them take her/him to school at least you have referrals and background check done!

      1. The article states that the driver informed the parent that he could NOT take the minor without an adult. Most parents know this but act like they don’t know the terms of service, with every knew face that shows up. The parent was wrong to go back in the house leaving her child in the vehicle. However, I’m guessing that the driver didn’t tell the child to get out or he was going to call the cops. That would scare most kids into getting out…but in the end I personally do not blame the driver as the parent shouldn’t have left the child in the car. Wondering if the driver had a dashcam to prove that he informed the parent.

  3. Hey Brainiacs,
    Its on the terms of service page no unaccompanied miners. Why in God’s name would you pur your child in a stranger’s car? The driver never should have allowed this child in his car either. However, it is high time parents get into trouble doing this.

    1. definitely!!! Who the hell puts a child in a stranger’s car. And for the dumb fools comparing this to an airline, the airline get the parent’s info and payment. Lfyt clearly states no passengers under 15 I believe…

  4. But in another statement the driver told her that he couldn’t take the child to school and the mom went back in the house so that’s why he ended up going to the sheriff office ,maybe she should have got in the ride share with her child to much is happening to these babies

    1. It’s against TOS not just Lyft/Uber. She basically handed off her kid to a stranger! This happens more than you know and parents get angry when we don’t allow them to leave minors with us! We drivers could be charged with kidnapping and a whole host of other things if we’re caught transporting unaccompanied minors!

  5. As a driver I would have told her up front and than got in touch with dispatch to inform them what she wanted to do.,. But in some states no one under 16 or 17 are not to ride alone…5yrs is differently too young and why would you trust a complete stranger with your kid!!!!

  6. I’m appalled at the Headline “ Raunchy Rapper” . What is that about ?
    I never recieved a memo saying it was against law or policy to transport a child to or from school in a taxi or other form of payed transportation .
    My grandmother used taxi on more than one occasion for me at that very age . My grandmother didn’t have a driving permit.
    I’m curious as to why was it ok for him to pull off with the child if it is against policy ? Why didn’t he have this conversation with the mother?
    Unaccompanied minors fly all over the country all the time.
    I say to the mother keep your head unbowed sister!!

    1. I’m not sure what headline you’re referring to – Our headline says “New Orleans Rap Artist”. It does not, and at no time read “Raunchy Rapper”.

  7. She should go to jail y she couldn’t keep her 5 years old baby home and these days he could have been a child molester that’s no excuse he did the right thing

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