ATC to Crack Down on CBD Oil Sales in Louisiana

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On Friday, the Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control (ATC) announced that it will issue citations to any retail permit holder selling Cannabidiol (CBD) oil products from their premises in Louisiana.

According to the agency, the Agriculture Act of 2018 that legalizes hemp products containing less than 0.3 percent of TH conflicts with Louisiana law. Furthermore, the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy classifies CBD oil as a schedule I substance under the Louisiana Controlled Dangerous Substance Law.

Since marijuana is listed in Schedule I of the state’s list of controlled substances, no one, including board licensees, may possess or sell CBD oil. Violations of the Louisiana Revised Statues or Louisiana Administrative Code can subject a person to criminal and/or administrative action.

The guidance from the pharmacy board also states that Lousiana law does not make any distinction between CBD extracted from hemp and CBD extracted from marijuana. As a result, both are considered to be marijuana and are illegal under Louisiana law.


The ATC is currently waiting on guidance from the Louisiana Attorney General’s office on the conflict between state and federal law. In the meantime, the ATC states that it will be handing out citations to any business offering CBD products that appear on the agency’s banned list. Furthermore, while they will continue to process applications for CBD stores, they will not issue any new permits for those stores until they receive clarification.

This new guidance has the potential to impact several businesses across New Orleans, which could face administrative, or even criminal penalties if they continue to offer CBD products.

Jenn Bentley is a writer and editor originally from Cadiz, Kentucky. Her writing has been featured in publications such as The Examiner, The High Tech Society, FansShare, Yahoo News, and others. When she’s not writing or editing, Jenn spends her time raising money for Extra Life and advocating for autism awareness.

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34 thoughts on “ATC to Crack Down on CBD Oil Sales in Louisiana

    1. Yep. They can’t make money off of it, so of course they want to crack down on it. Greedy bastards…

      1. You need quality CBD to get results. 70% out there is junk. It needs a 3rd party tester. As well as other things to look for in a good oil! It definitely works if you get the real stuff!

    2. Where was the “pharmacy board” when the criminal doctor in Lafayette prescribed me Oxycodone for 11 years when I was 24? Funny how he retired once the DEA made drug dealing “too much of a headache”.
      3 years removed from that life-altering situation and I still can’t let go of my anger toward our state and country’s pay to play system giving Big Pharma free reign over our personal health sovereignty.

      1. Personal Responsibility.
        No one forced you to take pain pills.
        It was your choice.
        If a drug dealer approaches you on the street… what are you going to say? And after you are addicted are you gonna blame the drug dealer?
        Personal Responsibility.

        1. How when a doctor is who we SHOULD trust..exactly ur equvalating our pharma industry to drug dealers…yep I agree w you therr…

  1. Well just damn. They (La.) Are trying to make any kind of thing having anything to do with mmj fail. Ass holes.

  2. This is bringing businesses to our city. CBD is not hurting anyone. Why? We won’t stop !! We will keep fighting.

  3. CBD Oil is an enormous help to many people in pain. It also brings business to the city. This is nonsense. Utter nonsense. Big pharma trying to keep its stranglehold on everything. Federal laws should have priority.

  4. I’m so embarrassed to say I’m from Louisiana when people ask me where I’m from because you automatically get associated with this type of idiocracy. We have freaking drive though daiquiri places all over Louisiana, but a plant that has never killed anyone, and a cannabinoid that isn’t even psychoactive are still being demonized. This is so messed up… some people that need relief don’t have the sweet time that this state has been taking to get medical patients the relief that they need. CBD helped me stop drinking and taking anxiety meds, doesn’t get you high, and has no negative side effects… that’s why they don’t want you to have it.

    1. You said it! It’s so frustrating to know that Louisiana lawmakers listen the Big Pharma instead of its people & their well-being. Hemp CBD should not be grouped in with marijuana, since it does not get you high- it does however help with the opioid crisis, epilepsy & countless other conditions which results in $$$ lost & lives saved. Infuriating to know that in Louisiana, $$$ lost are more important than lives saved, & mental, as well as, physical health conditions improved!

  5. Louisiana is so greedy..and being the Prison State of the nation…they want to stay in control over their citizens by fear and force. They demonized cannabis way back to make it illegal. Louisiana was a great state that used fear tactics and racism to brainwash their citizens. Shame on you..Louisiana Law Makers…shame on you.

  6. Instead of going forward in progress, we are going backwards. Our state should be ashamed of itself. I am praying that marijuana will be legalized soon. Then maybe CBD oil will be OK to use.

  7. It’s not just Louisiana, the company I’m an affiliate with is working with the US Hemp Round Table one state at a time getting the officials in board with the CBD oils. Its frustrating but it’s gonna all work out in time. Everybody needs to get connected with the US Hemp Round Table authority and when they send out the email to send the legislature an email we all need to send it so our voices will be heard.

  8. Big Pharma controls this shit!!! They obviously don’t want CBD around and available to us,the patients ! They know that it would be the cure, we wouldn’t be opioid dependent any more!

    1. Living in Ohio the the Pharmacy Board ruled the exact same way. However, multiple attorneys have made statements to the exact opposite. They claim that CBD derived from Hemp can only be sold they MMJ dispensaries. Yet there are multiple retail locations selling it. As long as they do not have other licenses like a tobacco license they can sell. I was told the retailers with special licenses were being threatened with loosing their license.
      So in the meantime a huge gap in supply has occurred. I have been marketing CBD via online for over a year with zero problems.

      1. Typical Louisiana! I read in headlines this morning that Mississippi is meeting about abortion laws. Louisiana is focused on this or flagging license for minor issues. I’m a business man and I work in multiple states. Louisiana makes it harder for a business to make it. Keep majoring in minors Louisiana. We will continue to be the worst state in the country.

  9. The problem is that the LABP has given a Marijuana Pharmacy permit to one of their board members. They also gave the permit to grow Marijuana to LSU (hence, the state). It is all related to the crooked LA politics and a group of men that are clueless. The benefits of CBD oil for medical purposes is unbelievable. Your right in saying the state can’t make money so the old men on the LABP won’t allow it. So everyone will resort to a higher dose of opioids and smoking weed.

  10. Seems like this department has too much time on it’s hands. I’m sure the money spent on this would have far better uses.

  11. Yet another example of our backwards State choosing to stay in the dark ages.
    Louisiana’s motto – “We’ll give you cancer, but we won’t let you treat it more effectively* with CBD.”
    *Commercially available cannabinoids, such as dronabinol and nabilone, are approved drugs for the treatment of cancer-related side effects. – National Cancer Institute

  12. People complain to the Governor about the ATC, they are power hungry and trying to justify their bloated budget.

  13. That goes to show just how stupid the state of Louisiana is the,you need to pull your head out of your ASS their are people out there how need that medicine for children who are artistic and other illnesses that cud’s help you need to contact your governor and a lawyer and stop this ignorants and get out of the way of progress

  14. Just wow. CBD oil is an amazing health product for a lot of people, so I lets ban it. I rather use that than pharmaceutical made opioids. Time to make a we the people signature page. I am not a persuasive writer. Would anybody else be interested in starting it. This is truly sad.

  15. Cbd has changed my life. I am now pain free and not bedridden from severe pain! I’m off 7 prescription meds now. You need a quality oil. There are good companies out there if you know what to look for! I sell it online and we are one if the first companies to get the Hemp authority seal of approval. Call or Write your politicians. Make your voices heard!!!

    1. CBD has also changed my life. I’m a Veteran and was taken off my pain meds because the Government said there are alternatives to use but I have no clue what they are. I started using CBD oil and now I can handle my pain but as usual Louisiana can’t decide whether I can take CBD or should I start looking for street drugs.
      I know there are thousands of Vets with pain but Louisiana doesn’t care, so now I’m back to square one!

  16. Louisianian’s keep voting the crooked southern Demonrats into the governor’s office and our state will stay crooked and backwards! Keep believing what the Demonrats lie & promise when running for office & their agenda will allow the jackass’s to keep screwing our state while they pocket kickbacks and continue destroying our state and nation!!! CBD oil eliminated my low back pain I’ve woken with daily since 1988 after having a spinal tap. On the 5th morning after starting the 750mg NON-THC oil I woke for the first time without back pain in 30 years and haven’t had that pain now for over 2 weeks!
    Big pharma is in cahoots with crooked lawyers and Demonrats that only care about making a buck and the hell with the common citizens of our state!


  17. I wonder if they are going after products labeled as “hemp oil” too or just products labeled “CBD”

  18. Is it just illegal for businesses to sell in Louisiana or are we not allowed to have it in general?

  19. WAL-MART in new Orleans carries HEMP OIL products from face masks , to oils and creams , good luck ATC, suck a dick

  20. I hope the ATC takes down those melatonin peddlers next. I am so so so embarrassed to have such scientifically-illiterate leaders I want to throw up. Please, I’m serious, we need to reverse these wasteful and idiotic laws ASAP because they will never stop until we stop them peacefully through the legal system. They have lobbyists but we have truth so we WILL win but the problem in Louisiana is we don’t even challenge them so they could make ramen noodles illegal and we wouldn’t know what to do. A start is to write letters to your representatives over and over until they respond. Do it, I will do it again too but they will never, ever, ever stop making up crazy laws unless we call their bullshit.

  21. CBD is an effective treatment to reduce the symptoms related to cancer. It can also deal with the side effects of cancer treatment like vomiting, nausea and pain.

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