How New Orleans Won A Super Bowl without Stepping On the Field

Image Credit: Sarah Rochis

On Sunday, New Orleans showed the world that the Saints can win a Super Bowl without even stepping on the field. As the Patriots and the Rams faced off in what would be the lowest-scoring Super Bowl in NFL history, Saints fans took to the streets of their city in a protest against the NFL, and a show of support for their team. Along the way, they showed the world a truth that many already knew about New Orleans:

When this city puts its mind to something, it can do anything.

In any other city, the loss of a championship game due to a missed call by the game officials might have caused rioting. In New Orleans, we had a parade so massive that cars stopped along I-10 to watch.

Image Credit: Sarah Rochis

And while the Big Easy partied, other football fans were treated to a game so boring, even the stadium’s namesake took to Twitter to protest.

Mercedes-Benz Twitter (deleted tweet)

Our #BoycottBowl was definitely better than your Super Bowl, NFL.

Photo Credit: Sarah Rochis


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