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I. Mania

Overcome by the rush,

Serotonin on the tip of my brush,

Painting my brain in broad strokes,

Not realizing the rope

Was tightening


I choked.


II. Depression

Never enough air,

To fill these lungs.

Deflation, never ceasing.

Never emancipation,

Never releasing.

No peace to be wrung,

With these hands.


Never resting,

Never ceasing,

My brow furrows,

Always creasing.

Fiber glass wrapped around

My ever-bleeding heart,

Always breaking,

Tearing me apart.



This is a poem from Nolan Storey’s latest book, “Damning Love; Poems of Pain and Perversion, Interrupted by Hope.” You can learn more about this new collection of poetry as well as purchase it here!  It is also available for purchase at Blue Cypress Books on Oak Street!  100% of the proceeds from this book go to the struggling writers of New Orleans!  Well… one of them anyways.


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