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New Orleans may be considered the biggest small town in the country by some but for those of us who live in the Big Easy Bubble, the city is its own world. Within that world, there are many haunts and spots for locals and visitors to enjoy and spoil themselves. We all have our preferred set of places to hook into wifi and relax, to zone out and shop, or to grab a bite with loved ones.

We at Big Easy Magazine have been chronicling local establishments and would like to take a moment to highlight our favorites of 2018.

Feel free to comment below (or on social media) with your own recommendations:

Euphorbia Kava Bar

Our home away from home, the epicenter of our editorial creativity, and our unofficial office of sorts, Euphorbia might be one of the more open-armed, welcome to all watering holes in the city (and there are plenty of them). Run by the kind and kindly Ashley Daily, Euphorbia has hearty beverages, pastries, games, and culture galore!


The Broad Theater

Zeitgeist brings the incendiary, Prytania brings the classic, The Broad brings the cult. Run by a team of film lovers, this Mid-City cinema – with a full-fledged bar – is homely and impactful, featuring a sound system that matches its movie programming. Multiple floods can’t stop the smiles on the faces of the staff or the lights from flickering across the silver screen.

Blue Cypress Books

Are E-books really still a thing? It’s all about hard copy for us, and it’s all about Blue Cypress on Oak. That smell of old and new print, that knowledge of stories fiction and non, and that outreach and engagement with local writers make for a store that ought to be visited as often as possible. What kind of book would you read from us?

Cherry Espresso Bar

Honestly, I have a hard time making a good cup of coffee. However, some baristas can just concoct magic better than us normals. Cherry Espresso Bar is open and calm, where you can find a seat and be seated next to individuals ranging the creative spectrum, with many flavors of bean under any temperature you’d like. It’s quick, but not wham bam, leaving room for conversations to be had.

Red Dress Run

You know that one parade this city hosts, with all those “red dresses”? It’s done up for good causes. Our Red Dress Run, where runners wear, well, red dresses and typically carry drinks, travel miles on foot to raise awareness and funds through The Hash House Harriers organization. This event truly personifies the feel of the city and its heart too. Don’t be shy and be sure to sign up next time!

NOLA Artisan Warehouse

A market for artisans of multiple backgrounds, NOLA Artisan Warehouse is perhaps our favorite multi-disciplinary art collective. Between Eagle and Monroe, this stop includes inventive products like paintings, handmade jewelry, aromatherapy, and many more for mind and soul. When gifting for family or friends, this is where you go to shop well, feel well, and be well.

Po Boy Fest

Few things bring about such levels of happiness and fulfillment than a good po boy. Whether it’s drenched in debris or chock full and overflowing with seafood, the famous Oak St. Po Boy Fest features many a vendor, musician, and historian to give all an array of information on the greatest sandwich ever made. Don’t be concerned with making a mess of your shirt; think of it as a big napkin.

From festivals to venues, from coffee to books, New Orleans covers much (neutral) ground. We love detailing all locally owned businesses and urge anyone/everyone to reach out with suggestions for 2019 profiles. Who else is doing progressive work? What places are inclusive and unique? Where should we visit next?

Sound off!

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