Tales Of The Unexpected

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Draft Analysis:

“When healthy, Hill was an effective college signal caller who flashed dominance. His film is worthy of a late-round selection but his lack of durability plus his age make it very unlikely he’ll get out of camp this summer, either as a quarterback or at another position.”

Sean Payton: So, what position do you play?

Taysom: Yes

Taysom Hill is pure fun. In the same manner that Alvin Kamara improvises on a screen play, or Demario Davis ballet dances through traffic to make another tackle, or Max Unger recognizes and calls out defensive formations without blinking, Hill is a wildcard in a stacked deck. Yes, he is wild. And a little bit crazy. One would need to be crazy to believe there is not a position on a professional football field beyond his ability or courage.

Fun fact: Hill was a kicker for his Highland High School team in Pocatello, Oregon. Remember, Hill never stayed healthy for a full season at BYU. His frenzied playing style frequently led to an unfortunate collision. One scouting service described his medical history as, “complicated.”

We know that Hill ran a blazing 4.44 seconds in the 40-yard dash which would have been the fastest time among the quarterbacks at the NFL Combine.

Even during the draft, his exact position in the NFL was uncertain, and he was questioned whether he would consider a position change.

March 2017: “I am open to it, but the plan right now is to go forward and play quarterback. If someone wants to take a chance on me to learn a new position and they’re willing to go through the learning curve with me and do that then I’d certainly be willing to hear them out.”

“I love the game,” said Hill after he completed his pro day. “I know the time frame to play at this level is short, so I am going to take advantage of it. I am just talking about playing, so I don’t know what that means.”

The door was not closed on Hill playing quarterback as his agent noted that the scouts at pro day liked what they saw from his passing skills.

Fast Forward to 9 December 2018.

“May I take your order please?”

Before the punt block, Taysom Hill was sitting on the bench next to Coach Mike Westhoff. Westhoff commented that he’s been a part of football for a long time and that this was the type of game where the special teams unit needed to make a big play to change the momentum.

“Is that all?”

So far this season Taysom Hill has:

  • Recorded tackles on special teams
  • Returned kickoffs
  • Completed passes
  • Caught a pass
  • Run for a touchdown
  • Blocked a punt

“If you don’t like the Saints stunting all over you with cellphone celebrations and Taysom Hill trick plays, you can stop them, or you can just shut up and take your beating.”

The Saints are NFC South Champs

Life is good.

Onward to Charlotte.

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One thought on “Tales Of The Unexpected

  1. Taysom Hill went to high school in Pocatello, IDAHO. I live there currently and people love to talk about how awesome he is. Also, he actually completed one full season healthy in college at BUY. His sophomore year(2013) he started every game at quarterback and led BYU to an 8-5 record while leading the team in rushing yards. The leading running back that year (Jamaal Williams) also broke 1000 yards and is now playing for the packers.

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