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Bomb Threats Emailed to Locations Across the Country – Including New Orleans

Robot and Bomb Squad Member
Credit: NIST

According to CNN, dozens of educational and other institutions across the U.S. received bomb threats Thursday afternoon, triggering multiple evacuations.

According to NOPD, the emailed bomb threats were reported in: the 600 block of Poydras St., the 6200 block of South Claiborne Ave., the 7800 block of Walmsley Ave., and the 9600 block of Hayne Blvd. The threats asked for a ransom in the form of Bitcoin payments.

Penn State University in Pennsylvania, the University of Washington in Seattle, the Park Record newspaper in Park City, Utah, the Thurston Country Courthouse in Olympia, Washington, and several locations throughout San Francisco all received threats via email.

At the University of Washington, a campus-wide alert noted that the local FBI “advised that the email is not a credible threat.”

However, in California, the threats are being taken seriously, in spite of the fact that none of the threats have been substantiated at this time. The San Francisco Police Department was responding to multiple reports of bomb threats throughout the city.

Several other cities received similar threats.




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