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*The Following Poem will appear in a collection of poetry that is being published by Nolan Storey in December!  Be sure to continue to check in with Big Easy Magazine every Wednesday for updates!


Liken me then

To a wounded rat,

Overcome by panic and fear,

Chewing my way through myself.


My only escape

From this cage of meat.


The only promise

That in the end I’ll keep.

The wreckage of my past,

All those I’ve left behind,

Over whom my aural stain is cast,

No peace,

No meaning,

In me,

To find.

Like a bull in a house of glass,

You’ll find me thrashing amongst ruin.

A pail of gasoline to splash,

The flames that upon me, bloom.

Never to rest.

Never to learn.

The preacher perhaps said it best,

I was always meant to burn.


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