WithIN the Fringe: Recommendations for InFringe Fest 2018

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I’m an avid follower of local actor and facebook master of wit Michael Martin. His performances in such films as Laundry Day and HotCakes, while somewhat brief, are nothing short of memorable. Matching his legit personality with outspoken and overtly charismatic attitudes, these roles give off grand moods and heavy thought, no matter the tone or the genre. I have, unfortunately, never had the pleasure of being an audience member for one of his live theatre plays, but I can only imagine just how amplified his acting is on stage.

In its third year, the InFringe Fest New Orleans – promoted with gusto by Mr. Martin – features a wide selection of daring, bold, dangerous, and brave theatre across many venues in the city. Comedy, drama, musical, burlesque, and even multi-media make up this year’s “Favor the Bold” theme, giving theatergoers as much to chew on as the thespians involved do.

In my experience, all acting is “amplified” when hitting the boards, so to speak. You’re acting for everyone to see and hear, so make it theatrical. Make them understand. Make them feel. (Somewhere, Michael Martin is probably grinding his teeth at me)

With your permission, I have picked three plays of note to recommend, chosen for their eye-popping descriptions and eye-catching potential. Feel free to peruse the rest of the slate and get ticket information at infringefest.com:


Twin Peeks: A Black Lodge Vs White Lodge Burlesque from Spooky LeStrange & Her Billion Dollar Baby Dolls – Mudlark Theater on 11/10 at 11 PM and 11/11 at 5 PM

Twin Peaks? David Lynch? Tassels? Of course, this is a lock for a ticket. A burlesque-ish interpretation of the television and film classic. Be careful not to take the ring, Laura.


A Lady Does Not Scratch Her Crotch from Celeste Cahn – GrandPre’s on 11/7 at 7 PM, 11/9 at 11 PM and 11/10 at 7 PM

That title alone is enough to draw my attention. Celeste Cahn produces a show about living under the thumb of a Disney Princess, with all the expectations and criticisms that come with it when growing up.


Wow Wee 2! Adventures of a Little Girl Killbot from IRTE – The AllWays Lounge on 11/9 at 11 PM, 11/10 at 9 PM and 11/11 at 5 PM

A post-apocalyptic 80s sitcom about a family and their trusted robot, in the aftermath of the singularity. My oh my, do I fear my phone getting the better of me, let alone a robot revolution of self-awareness.

Bill Arceneaux has been an independent writer and film critic in the New Orleans area since 2011, working with outlets like Rotten Tomatoes, Film Threat, DIG Baton Rouge, Crosstown Conversations and Occupy. Be sure to check out his film reviews and other pieces here.

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