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Unrequited Love Prayer

Couple at Sunset

It often seems in life,

Beauty is terribly outweighed by pain.

Love is only met with strife,

And getting up each day is a strain.

It seems like people are shit,

And God and Hope are lies.

Like trust is a joke,

And our only purpose is to die.

But every once in a while

Another person comes along,

And unwittingly picks me up,

In my moments of weakness makes me strong.

It’s said that night gets darkest

Just before the break of dawn,

And in some of my worst moments,

You’ve helped me to press on.

Because whether or not you’ve meant to,

You’ve been that dawn for me here and there,

And even though you’re not with me,

Your friendship and existence are like answers to a prayer.



*This poem originally appeared in the book “Don’t Let Your Children Read This!” by Nolan Storey.


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