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Broken Pipe Causes More Problems for Local Residents

Water Main Geyser

If you live in the area of St. Thomas and the 500 block of Washington Street, Big Easy Magazine advises you to boil your water, as a pipe in the area may have burst yesterday. Details were scarce; however, according to one resident, as a Sewage & Water Board employee was operating heavy equipment in the area, it appeared he struck a water line causing it to break, or revealing a previous break in the line.

The same resident showed me his $2,000.00 water bill for 100,000 gallons of water, used at their midsize shotgun house. The bill is currently under investigation by the Sewage & Water Board.

Unusually high water bills have been an ongoing frustration for residents across New Orleans, some going back as far as 2015. In one recent case, a woman received a bill for $22,000. Unfortunately, leaking and broken pipes like this could be one cause of high water bills for residents.

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