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Kenner Mayor Rescinds Nike Ban

Mayor Ben Zahn

On Sunday, a viral story posted by Big Easy Magazine brought to light a memo in which Kenner mayor Ben Zahn attempted to ban the purchase and use of Nike products at all city recreational facilities. The story quickly gained national attention.

We are proud to say that the mayor has now rescinded that memo.

In a press conference on Wednesday afternoon, Kenner mayor Ben Zahn issued a statement on the advice of the city attorney’s office rescinding the memo. According to Zahn, he was disappointed in the negative attention the Nike ban was getting, saying:

“We are seeing where this is going, and we want it to stop.”

According to Zahn, although he stands by the spirit of patriotism in which he issued the memo, he became concerned as the memo gained national attention. He felt that the way the memo was presented was painting the city in a “false, unflattering light” on the national stage.

The mayor insisted that the memo was originally issued to protect the city’s “patriotic values,” as well as Kenner’s taxpayers. It was meant to simply reflect his passion for the country, men and women of the armed forces, as well as those serving in Kenner’s police and fire departments.

However, given the direction the national narrative on the memo has taken, he feels it’s time to move on.

“The future is bringing the city back together,” the mayor stated. “It is time to put this aside and move forward.”

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