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Swamp du Jour – MAGA ALERT!

Political Cartoon Zac McGovern has been making cartoons for most of his life.  Mostly it has been a way to pass the time and express a wide range of feelings.  He likes exploring oddball characters and making fun of establishment figures and ideas.  While many see cartoons as silly kid stuff, Zac takes them very seriously and is always working to improve.

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Hey y'all,

I just wanted to provide an update to where we stand today. A few days ago, we launched a fundraising effort to keep Big a Easy Magazine alive. We determined we would need to raise $10,000, which represents 1/10 of the personal investment I made into the publication. As it stands now, we have raised just over $300 and have set a fundraising deadline of midnight June 1st. Please help us meet our goal. I promise you with your support if we reach our goal, you will be able to continue seeing progressive content about the issues that matter. If we don’t meet our goal, well, in all honesty, those who have an interest in our demise will have won the battle. When we launched the fundraising effort, we got bombarded with remarks such as “see ya,” and “lol.” We cannot allow them to win. Please donate today to keep us alive and support progressive media.

Thank you,
Scott Ploof
Big Easy Magazine

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