What to do in New Orleans: A Series Pt. 5 – Keep Cool with Cold Brew Coffee

There is so much going in in NOLA this weekend (of 06/29/18) that it can seem nearly impossible to decide what to do.  This is the fifth edition of a weekly series in which we here at Big Easy Magazine give suggestions on fun ways to spend a day, evening or afternoon in our beloved city.  So let’s begin!  What’s a good way to spend a weekend in New Orleans, or more specifically, what’s agreat way to use your time this weekend (that of June 30th) in the city of New Orleans?  In this heat, the best thing to do is to keep cool.  How I’m about to suggest keeping cool may surprise you.  Drink Coffee.

New Orleans is a city that is rich in coffee culture.  There are several independent coffee shops throughout different areas of the city.  Wherever there is unique local boutiques, grocery shops, or cafes there is more often than not a locally owned coffee shop a stone’s throw away.  One of the things that our city is known for, and for good reason, is iced coffee.  The best way to keep cool while going about your day in the city, no matter what your schedule may contain, is to try out one of the many different kinds of Cold Brew Iced Coffee that our local coffee houses have to offer.  The difference between coffee over ice and cold brewed iced coffee is that cold brew is brewed only using cold water (for 12 to 24 hours depending on where you go).  The use of cold water creates a uniquely smooth iced coffee that is not too acidic and not as bitter as hot coffee that has been poured over ice.

I’ll list a few favorite spots to get cold brew throughout the city.  For instance, say your day is taking you to Magazine Street for some shopping and strolling?  No worries.  There are a plethora of places to enjoy a glass of cold brew iced coffee.  A local favorite is Mojo Coffee House.  This neighborhood gem, located at the corner of Race Street and Magazine Street, has some of the best cold brew in the city.  Served on tap via nitrogen, this smooth coffee will leave you feeling reinvigorated and ready for the day.  This shop also has a number of refreshing espresso cocktails (non-alcoholic) that come on ice.

Moving away from Magazine Street, let’s say that your day is taking you towards the Riverbend and you find yourself near Oak Street?  There are two long-standing coffee houses that are worth a visit.  Swing by Rue De La Course for a glass of 18 hour brewed iced coffee that’s as smooth as it is well priced.  Take in the ambiance of this former early 20th century bank building while sipping on your cold brew in a glass, or grab a cup to go and continue your stroll.  Less than two blocks away is the locally famous Zotz coffee house.  This uniquely decorated coffee house is open late (till 1 in the morning) so if you need your late night caffeine fix, it is a must.  The cold brew is delicious too.

If you find yourself closer to downtown, check out Treme coffee house located at 1501 St. Philip Street.  This quaint space has a pleasant ambiance and a local flavor.  Their cold brew is also smooth and invigorating.  Perhaps you’ll find yourself in Mid-city?  If so, be sure to stop by The Station for a glass of Cold Brew.  The only thing more enjoyable than the cold brew is the unique architecture of this quaint spot, located at 4400 Bienville!

No matter where you decide to get your coffee, don’t forget to also drink lots of water and be sure to tip your barista! Check our Events section for more suggestions on ways to volunteer and serve our wonderful community.  There you will be able to find more events specific to this upcoming weekend of June 30th.

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